How To Effectively Promote Your Service As A Cello Lessons Teacher


Let’s face the fact that the cello is not as popular as the piano or guitar. Hence, there may be less music schools offering this program. You can take this as a great opportunity for a cello lessons teacher like you. There are parents and students who are on the lookout for cello teachers. You may think of them as only a handful, as compared to more ‘mainstream’ musical instruments. However, this niche market could easily get your hands full.

Make it easy for them to find you. Here are some effective advertising grounds to cover in promoting your skills and services as a cello teacher:


Internet Marketing: In this digital age, people want information at their fingertips. In all probability, Google would be the first go-to place for parents or students looking for individuals teaching cello lessons. Singapore teachers are using the power and reaping the benefits of the internet in creating a pool of cello students.


Here are online tools or platforms you could use:

  • Create your own website: If possible, get your own domain name.   Indicate your qualifications, experiences, description and explanation of your teaching methods. Upload photos and videos of your performances.


  • Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are now popular podiums of communication and digital interaction. Your presence on these sites could give you ample exposure and ‘word-of-mouse’ to potential students.


  • Online Directories: Sign-up and and enlist your services in popular yet reputable online listings of music teachers in your locale.


Onground Marketing and Advertising: The so-called ‘old-school’ forms of advertising are still very much effective means to get the word out. When people are searching for something, where do they go? To whom do they talk to?

  • Schools: If you are a graduate or student or in anyway affiliated to a music school, college, or university, leave your contact details or use it as a reference point for inquiries. Parents or students may call up schools asking for references.


  • Print Advertising Collaterals: Invest in printing of your own business cards, posters, flyers, leaflets. Your friendly neighborhood music store may allow you to put up a poster on their window or distribute your business card to cello buyers. Campus bulletin boards are excellent sites where your flyer may be visible to students. Or your newspaper delivery boy would charge you a very minimal fee for inserting your leaflets in newspaper deliveries. The possibilities are endless…be creative!


  • Live Performances: Your captive audience. Your target market. Your prospective student. They all could be there right under your nose, watching your performance. Be visible and expose yourself to these activities that could serve as opportunities for you to reach potential students.


Which of these advertising methods do you think is most effective for you? One size may not fit all. Try and experiment which of these could give the best results. Or if you have the resources to engage in all of the above, then why not try it all? The bottom line is results. Both good news and bad news travel fast. Students and parents putting in a good word for you as a reliable and effective cello lessons teacher may still be the best and effective advertising tool for you.