Which Genre? – Country Music Guitar Lessons

Learn How To Tell Soulful Storytelling Through Country Tunes

If you like the Nashville twang and want to create earthy, hearty sounds of the countryside while telling stories through music, you may enjoy learning to play country tunes on guitar.

The country guitar is not a separate instrument and can easily be played on your acoustic or electric guitar. It is just the scales and chords that you need to master through country guitar lessons.

There are many names in the country guitar hall of fame like Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, Albert Lee, Tony Rice, Jerry Byrd, and Red Rhodes and several others. It has not been an easy walk for these men but it can be an easy walk for you with our specially developed country guitar lessons for beginners.

Overview of Country Guitar Lessons

Our country guitar lessons cover everything from understanding the fundamentals of country guitars to learning how to play the guitar as a beginner. Our country guitar lessons are easy to learn and well-spread out so that you can get ample time for practice as well.

Phase 1

You learn fundamentals including country music theory, the notations, chords, scales, and rhythms. You learn about intonation, which helps you to understand how you can keep the same pitch throughout the fretboard.

Phase 2

Here you focus on the 7 basic open guitar chords (E-minor, C, D, G, A-minor, E, and A), movable chords, and barre. Barre chords are where you will use one or more fingers to hold down multiple chords. Most of the variations of A and E chords comprise of barre chords. By the end of Phase 2, you shall have a strong grasp of country guitar and how to play it smoothly.

Phase 3

With the third phase of country guitar lessons, you step into an intermediate zone as you will focus on various fingerpicking techniques and strumming patterns. The strumming pattern for the country guitar is quite similar to that of the blues guitar and you will learn to play rhythm, as well as solo in pentatonic scales also known as the blues scale.

One of the most important parts of country guitar lessons is mastering the 12-bar blues progression, which includes playing open strings based on I-IV-V chords of a key. There are three chords in this progression called the Tonic, sub-dominant, and dominant.

Phase 4

In the last phase of country guitar lessons, you will focus on country arpeggios, picking and learning different country styles like Boogie-woogie, riffs, and double-stop riffs. The double-stop riffs is not as complicated to play as it sounds; all you will have to do is learn how to play two notes together.

Viola! Your basic country guitar lessons are over and now you are ready to write your own lyrics and create a country music solo. The crux of our country guitar lessons is that we offer you a platform where you can learn, play and have fun. Starting with strong foundations shall help you express yourself better through your own version of country music.