Which Genre? – Rock Guitar Lessons

Express Your Inner Rockstar – No Matter Who You Are

You’ve got rhythm in your soul and you know it.


“I have been looking around for private guitar lessons to accommodate to my busy schedule. Teacher Mel makes the lessons very fun and enjoyable.”
~Rafat, 28


“Impressed By My Teacher’s Teaching! Inspired by rock stars, I wanted to learn to play the electric guitar as quickly as possible. My guitar teacher, Al impresses me on how he simplifies playing the electric guitar through his teaching!”
~Rani Chayya, 17


It does not matter if in your normal life, you are a student, taxi driver, working professional, technician, homemaker, or retiree.

You can bring your inner rockstar to life!

Grooving with an electric guitar is easy, if you are trained well.


Overview of Rock Guitar Lessons

Before you start electric guitar lessons, you need to understand that this will not make you a lead guitar star overnight. Rock guitar lessons will only teach you basic and advanced techniques, yet if you work on creating strong foundations, who knows, some day you may rock the big stage as lead guitarist in a band if you so desire.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, you shall familiarize yourself with the basic parts of the electric or rock guitar, standard notations, guitar symbols, and basic chord theory. You also learn to play different scales and chords to experience what rock guitar playing is really like.

The fun part is expressing your feelings and emotions as you play the guitar. In advanced stages when you are ready to perform, you and your guitar shall become one!

Phase 2

The next phase of rock guitar lessons will focus on solo rifts. You may have been awed by those great guitar solos that you have watched at live concerts or on the screen. So here’s your chance to learn soloing through a choice of beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Beginners start with hammer-ons, bends, open position scales, and vibratos.

Intermediate Rock Guitar Lessons

Here, you learn to create your own solo and play it as well. Learn natural harmonics and play major scale modes.

When you reach the advanced soloing rock guitar lessons, you will be confident enough to create your solos and play them more often. The advanced rock guitar lessons will help you to play different techniques especially with speed.

Speed is an important part of playing the rock guitar as well as soloing and you will really have to practice a lot to be able to move your hand freely across the guitar chords at high speed. Once you have mastered the scales, the chords and how to fly your hand over the guitar, you are ready to rock!

Rock guitar is not easy to learn but then it is not impossible either because we shall be there to hold your hand through each and every step of our rock guitar lessons.

We see a prospective rock guitar star in each of our students and understand the need to bring that rock star to the front and our rock guitar lessons have been developed to bring out your true potential.