Techniques – Guitar Strumming Lessons

Master Strumming Like A Guitar Legend


“Now, strumming is my favourite! In the beginning, strumming used to be one of the most challenging aspects of lessons for me. I always struggled with strumming. However, my guitar teacher Kev has taught me unique techniques and concepts that makes it fun and easy. Thank you!”
~Farah, 16

The guitar is a dynamic instrument. Learning how to strum is the first step in mastering this instrument. Mastering strumming is what distinguishes a legend from an ordinary guitarist.

Various styles of guitar strumming have been developed over the ages. This includes strumming with picks, plucking, fingerpicking, and so on.

Some of the greatest guitarists of all times have skyrocketed to fame simply because of their distinctive strumming patterns.

Overview of Guitar Strumming Lessons – First Phase

Contrary to popular belief, the guitar is a very easy instrument to master. By just knowing a few chords and various strumming patterns, you could play a thousand different songs. The first phase includes a basic guitar strumming lesson to give you the best headstart.

This includes all the basic strumming techniques you need to know in order to play a song on an acoustic guitar or an electric one. Once you have mastered this, you can bring a simple song to life.

How To Strum A Guitar – Second Phase

The second phase includes various performance tip to help you improve the quality of your playing. Just knowing the proper sitting position could change the way you play.

A guitar can be strummed with either the hand using fingernails or using a pick or plectrum. Our lessons will teach you the proper way of holding these and also various other requirements you need to know before learning to strum.

How To Strum A Guitar – Third Phase

The third phase includes various strumming patterns. Strumming patterns are very important as they improve your sense of timing and help you play like a pro! A guitarist who has a good grasp of the various strumming patterns can make a simple song with just two chords appear much more complex and interesting than what it is.

After this lesson, you can play various strumming patterns as well as identify them by simply listening to a song.

Mastering these strumming patterns shall also help you come up with your own patterns and have you composing songs in no time!

How To Strum A Guitar – Fourth Phase

The fourth phase includes various chords that can be used to develop your strumming techniques. Songs are basically made up of a few basic chords with a variety of strumming patterns and once you know different strumming patterns on the basic chords you can master most of the songs composed by your favorite rock star!

Our guitar lessons give you a detailed explanation, one of the most important and fundamental aspect of playing the guitar that is often overlooked. Our lessons will have you playing like a pro in no time at all and you can have lots of fun too!