The cello is one of the harder instruments to master.  Just like the violin, the cello does not have frets and so mastery will depend on accurate ear training and finger placements.  Just like any other instrument, mastery of the cello will also depend not only on the student but on the teachers as well.  But there are a lot of cello teachers out there.  How do you know who is the right teacher for you?

People have different tastes and styles, so before hiring a cello teacher, find out what kind of personality your cello teacher has.  Does he teach via a strict regimen?  Or does he like to teach through games.  Is he boring or does he have an easy going personality?  The character traits of your cello teacher matters because this will affect your relationship with the teacher.  If you are a person who likes to learn through fun and games, then a cello teacher who does everything by the book would not work for you. 

Or if you are the type who likes discipline and strict teachers then an instructor with a lackadaisical attitude towards lessons will simply not do.  Find a cello teacher in Singapore who matches your attitudes and your goals.  Personal recommendations are the easiest ways of verifying this. 

Credentials, certifications and experience are important too.  While some people say that they are just pieces of paper, these are actually very good aids in helping you decide whether your teacher is not only credible but able too.  ABRSM certifications and Diplomas verify that your cello teacher in Singapore is trained in his field of study.  Imagine learning the cello from an uncertified teacher!  

You might pick up bad habits, which would be hard to break as time goes by, or you might actually get cheated out of money by hiring an unprofessional, uncertified or ungraded teacher.   The cello is a precision musical instrument which requires years of training to master.  So when hiring a cello teacher in Singapore, find one who has experience in teaching the prospective student’s age and find one who has the highest training possible.

Price is another factor to think of when looking for a cello teacher in Singapore.  Generally cello teachers who have many years of experience, have the highest educational attainment or orchestra performers charge high rates.  This is of course very reasonable given the training and experience the teacher has gained over the years.  However, if you are a beginner learning for pleasure or somebody who intends to pick up cello as a hobby then perhaps a reasonably priced cello teacher will do.  But if you have dreams of making it on stage then a highly trained and very experienced cello teacher might be a good investment for you.

It would be very nice to learn the cello during your preferred time and have the teacher all to yourself during the lessons.  So before going off to a music school, consider hiring a cello teacher for private one on one tuition.  The advantage of this type of lesson is that you have the teacher’s attention to yourself. 

You do not need to compete with other students.  By doing this you are ensured that for at least one hour, the teacher’s attention is focused solely on you.  Your mistakes easily corrected before they become bad habits.  Another benefit of private tutoring is that this can be done either at the teacher’s or at your place during your most convenient time.  Imagine having cello lessons where you do not need to drive through traffic or compete for your teacher’s time with other students!