Which Genre? – Bass Guitar Lessons

Learn How to Produce Rich Bassy Grooves

I’m rocking Like A Rock Star Now! – Taking up the guitar lessons is one of the best decision as I am loving every minute! I can play all my favourite rock songs now. It’s fun and makes me feel like a real star! In fact, i plan to join a competition shortly!
~Sherry Maclin, 22

The bass guitarist plays an important role in rock, metal, progressive rock, alternative, and other music genres by performing a solo to make a song interesting, provide a deep layer weaving a piece of music together, and musically support the singer or lead guitarist. The bass guitar is quite different from an electric guitar or the traditional acoustic guitar as it has only 4 strings although 5 and 6 strings bass guitars are also available.

Bass guitars today are available in fretless or fretted format. Jaco Pastorius is one of the greatest Jazz fusion bassists to have spearheaded the art of playing on fretless bass guitars.

Overview of Bass Guitar Lessons

A bass guitar is usually played directly with fingers or thumb on strings. The plectrum is used only by electric guitarist players. The electric bass guitar is used as a soloing instrument in fusion, rock, jazz, and Latin styles. Of course, you may have seen a Steve Harris solo on several Iron Maiden numbers!

So where does one begin? If you are ready to take on a bass guitar then we have some great bass guitar lessons for the absolute beginner.

Our lessons developed by a pro bass guitarist are designed to make it easy for you to understand and learn the fundamentals of bass guitar. Lessons comprise of “learn as you play” modules to make the entire exercise absolutely enjoyable.

First Phase

Learn how to hold, play, and tune the guitar. If your guitar is not well tuned then you will not get the desired rhythm.

Second Phase

Once you are comfortable holding and playing the guitar, you will move on to the second phase, which will include understanding and playing bass notes.

The notes in a bass guitar are exactly the same as the ones on a 6-string acoustic guitar. The only difference is that there are 2 missing strings in the bass guitar, which is the high E string and the B string.

Third Phase

Here you shall play various chords and scales. You will learn different types of bass scales like the 5 basic scales, which include major, major pentatonic, minor, minor pentatonic, and blues. Also learn about chromatic scales, which will consist of 12 possible pitches.

Your final and most important bass guitar lessons will be focusing on bass rhythm followed by techniques and chops. Some of the techniques that you will master include producing natural harmonics, string crossing, slides, and hammer-ons.

Once you have completed each of the bass guitar lessons, you will be proficient in playing the bass guitar on covers and even create your own solo compositions!