Which Genre? – Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz Up Your Musical Prowess And Enjoyment

Playing My Favourite Jazz Songs – After 3 Months! Finally got down to registering myself for guitar lessons. Now, I love playing my favourite jazz songs during my leisure time. Very professional jazz teacher and I enjoy every lesson. Worth every dollar and minutes!”
~Rodnel Perry, 36


“Now, I Am A True Blue Jazz Guitar Player! – After failing to learn it by myself, I finally gave up and signed up for lessons. Within 2 months, I overcame all my challenges and was playing beautifully. In the 3rd month, I started my own band and love jamming with them during weekends. Now, we are even thinking of performing live! How amazing my progress has been! Thank you for introducing the amazing guitar teacher!”
~Sam Lee, 38

Why Learn Jazz Guitar?

  • Learn how to express your creativity musically with jazz guitar, is one of the most acclaimed musical genres.
  • Playing jazz tunes, you can create a wonderful world of improvisation which is delightful and unpredictable. Build on your musical accomplishments by venturing into a new aspect of music that is well loved by many discerning music lovers worldwide.
  • Our teachers are famous jazz guitarists who are also very popular performers. Learning under them would definitely be fun and absolutely rewarding.

Overview of Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jazz guitar is differentiated on the basis on the types of scales used, how they are played, and the various techniques that come into play. If you have bought your archtop guitar and are raring to go then let us introduce you to the various jazz guitar lessons that we have to offer.

Jazz guitar learning is extensive but we have developed jazz lessons specifically for those who are new to this type of guitar playing so that you can learn the most within a short period of time without any difficulty.

First Phase

In the first phase, you will learn to be comfortable with your guitar. The more comfortable you are holding your guitar and playing it, the more easily you will be able to handle different scales and chords.

You will also learn about the various parts of the archtop guitar and how each of the parts is responsible for making the magical sound that you often hear jazz greats create.

Second Phase

In the second phase, you will learn to understand, play, and master basic jazz chords starting with Major 7 and moving on to Minor 7, Dominant 7, Diminished 7 and more.

At the same time, you will learn to understand and play with a basic rhythm while focusing on the three basic group of chords: the major, minor, and dominant.

By the end of the second phase of jazz guitar lessons, you will be ready to play altered chords as well as the Bebop scale. The Bebop scale was played by some of the pioneers of Jazz including Charlie Parker.

Third Phase

The third and the last phase in basic jazz guitar lessons will include learning and playing specific scales like the Lydian Dominant Scale, blues scale or pentatonic scale, chromatic notes, Arpeggios, alternating triads, and soloing.

Our beginners’ jazz guitar lessons give you a strong foundation for playing jazz guitar while giving you a taste of what comes up next in intermediate and advanced techniques as well.