Techniques – Guitar Tabs Lessons

Learn The Language of Guitar and Discover a Richer Musical World

Guitar tablature, or ‘tabs’ for short, is guitar music in written form. Learning to read it is like learning to read in a new language, the musical language for guitar. The better you get learning to read it, the more a new world of music opens up for you.

Now you can learn to play any piece of guitar music that is written in guitar tabs, and you shall also be able to write down and share original music if you so desire to compose guitar music as well.

Overview of Guitar Tabs Lessons

First, you learn what each symbol represents in guitar tabs, then you practice playing the tabs. When you look at the tabs you are actually looking at the aerial view of a fret board.

Useful things to know about guitar tabs:

  1. Guitar tabs are a series of horizontal lines forming a stave or a staff. Each line represents a string on the guitar.
  2. The standard guitar tab consists of a six line staff (since a standard guitar has six strings) and the bass guitar tab would correspondingly have four lines.
  3. The topmost line of tablature shows the highest pitched string of a guitar. The lowest pitched notes are on the bottom most line and the respective highest pitched notes on top line of tablature; we create the basic layout and structure of the Western Standard Notation.
  4. Tab lines are typically numbered 1 to 6; 1 is the high E string, 2 is the B string and so on. Sometimes lower case “e” is used for high E string. The numbers on the lines represent the corresponding fret used to produce the coveted pitch. For instance, number 3 on the top line would indicate the player to press down at third fret on the first string, the high E string. The number 0 represents an open string.

When you learn to read guitar tabs, you can learn to play any piece of music you desire.

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