Essential Accessories for Your Basic Electric Guitar Lessons


When you first begin to learn guitar, there are many things with which you would need to familiarise yourself. These include the instrument itself, learning to read the music, developing an ear for good playing, and so on. The best guitar lessons also give an indication of the kind of accessories you would require on your musical journey and how important they are for your life as a guitarist. For interesting information on this subject, consult the website:, a veritable resource of all things guitar! But for now, let us see what kind of accessories is essential for a guitarist.

  • Guitar picks are essential for any guitarist. As a beginner, it is a good idea to buy the thinnest possible picks. For good measure, buy a couple of medium thickness and thick ones too. Picks are not too expensive, so if you can afford a guitar, you can afford picks.
  • Get a nice strap for your guitar, especially if you are playing with the heavier guitars. This helps in developing good posture, keeping your balance while playing, handling the instrument properly and is more comfortable. You can consider purchasing a padded strap to minimise the effect on your shoulder.
  • A guitar tuner is an absolute essential for any guitar beginner. Getting into the habit of automatically tuning your guitar as a part of your guitar learning experience has several benefits, the chief among them being that you will always be assured of having a well-tuned guitar! If you are practising in a group, then it is absolutely essential.
  • One thing no guitarist can afford not to have in hand is a spare set of strings. Since the guitar is an instrument that has the unhealthy habit of getting its strings broken, very often in the middle of playing, there is no way to avoid this. Always keep two or three sets of spare strings so you can immediately use them as and when required. At the same time, also purchase a string winder, which will help you to get the job done quickly.
  • To ensure that you develop great timing and are able to work well with any given piece, a metronome is important. It is used by musicians as a standard tempo reference and helps you work on irregular timing problems when you play. All professionals use metronomes, so for beginners, it is even more important.
  • If you are buying a guitar, spending money on guitar classes and all the other accessories, it makes sense to purchase a guitar case in order to keep your guitar safe. While many people prefer to just hang their guitar on the wall, this is not good for the long life of your instrument. In addition to being exposed to accidents and being dented, your guitar is also sensitive to the weather and will develop cracks if exposed to the elements.
  • Capos, footrest, strap locks, guitar humidifiers, guitar cleaning rags, guitar stands, batteries and e-bows are other accessories that come in handy for handling, playing, cleaning or maintaining your guitar.

Once you have all the accessories required to start your lessons, you are ready to face the guitar world well prepared. For an overview of what to expect from basic electric guitar lessons, check out the article: