Why Choose to Take Cello Lessons?


There are a number of instruments that you can choose from, each of them with its own pleasure of learning and playing. Each instrument has its own depth, history and advantages. People often find themselves dithering over what to learn and if they have already started learning, whether to pursue it or switch to something else in which they are interested as well. It can be a huge dilemma and it can become difficult to choose one over the other because obviously, it is not possible to learn all the instruments at the same time. Which begs the question, why should you opt for cello lessons?

  • It’s a beautiful instrument! The moment you draw a bow across the strings, you fall in love with it because of the lovely tone it produces. More melodious than many other string instruments, cello is often an integral component of orchestras, where it is used for the richer and fuller sound. Even if you are just practicing, you are not likely to annoy the people around you because of the melodious tone of the instrument.
  • There are not many people who learn the cello because of lack of teachers or because the instrument is too heavy for them. This makes you one of the unique people who know to play the cello and you tend to stand out in musical circles or when you go for an audition. It’s a wonderful feeling since you don’t feel the need to compete too much if you want to go in for a professional career as a cellist. It’s an advantage cellists have over other musicians.
  • You will be able to find a professional opening far easier than those who play other instruments for the abovementioned reason. You will be welcome in an orchestra, because there is almost always an opening for a cellist. As versatile as the instrument is, it has fewer players than one would expect. Apart from satisfying your own passion for music, it’s also a great career opportunity.
  • If you are the kind of person for whom something needs to be a challenge in order for you to enjoy it, taking cello classes is just the right thing for you. From managing its size to finding a decent teacher in your vicinity to actually learning the instrument properly, there is always an intense challenge attached to learning the cello. Like it or not, it’s an amazing instrument that will challenge you to push your musical capabilities. But the rewards are great too!
  • The cello is the deepest string instrument after the double bass guitar. It is an instrument mostly used in classical music solo pieces and orchestras, but the existence of the cello is not unheard of in modern music and is often used in popular rock and pop songs, including in many indie bands. This makes it a versatile instrument and increases your opportunities as a cellist if you plan to make it a career.

There are so many reasons to learn the instrument, but really, the basic question you need to ask yourself is – do you want to take cello tutorials? Singapore as a country has immense potential for learning and performing this instrument and if the answer is yes, just go ahead with it!