Basic Jazz Guitar Tutorials


Jazz can be played on all kinds of guitars, but the archtop guitar has become the jazz guitar because it easily enhances the volume, an important component of them musical style. Tone makes a huge difference to jazz guitarists. So many of them use heavy strings or flatwound strings. If you want to learn the jazz, taking jazz guitar lessons is helpful. Let us see what you should expect at the beginning of these lessons.

Start with jazz

You might or might not have previous experience with music in general or playing the adult guitar in particular. It does not matter if you want to learn how to play jazz music. Since in jazz, you have to use all the keys, you can start with it right away instead of learning how to play other styles of music, which might take you in a very different direction. Jazz is a full-fledged musical world in itself, so you can start with what you intend to continue right from the beginning.

Get educated

Jazz has developed from a simple art form to something highly artistic and complicated. You simply cannot hope to excel without understanding the musical theory behind the music. Learn how to read music and develop your sight learning. Understand how chords, arpeggios and scales work and how to incorporate them in your playing for best effects. A jazz guitar is a highly flexible instrument and you will ultimately develop your own style through long years of rigorous training, but understanding the theory is just as important.

Listen to jazz

If you wish to develop your skills after beginning jazz guitar classes, make sure you listen to a lot of jazz music. Once you understand the theory behind the music, you will also be able to understand the various chords and scales that make up the music, isolate them and understand how they are sequenced together in order to produce great music. Then you can incorporate this understanding during practice. Start with listening to simple jazz music, then progress to more complicated songs. Remember, listening to music is just as important as practicing because it helps you develop a good ear.

Soloing, Comping and Walking Basslines

The three most important concepts that a jazz guitarist needs to learn are soloing, comping and walking basslines. Soloing is a composition without musical accompaniment. It is very difficult to achieve this as the entire burden of the composition is on your shoulders. Comping is a jazz term that encompasses chords and rhythms and countermelodies. Learning how to comp is essential for a jazz guitar player. Walking basslines are a sequence of quarter notes, which can be simple or complicated. They are a major component of jazz music and hence must be learned by any aspiring jazz guitarist. Once these three concepts are mastered, then you can claim to be reasonably well educated in playing the guitar.

Social interaction

Jazz is an intensely social form of music, which musicians have often used to talk about different social issues. You have to work with other musicians to produce good jazz music, so it’s a good idea to get started on it right away. It is ideal if they are more experienced than you as it will enable you to learn more, but take anything you can get. Playing with others will bring out the real challenges, enabling you to improve as a musician.

Jazz is a style of music that keeps on developing and encompasses a wide range of styles over the years. When you start your jazz guitar tutorials, the best way to develop your skills is to start playing while also learning different techniques simultaneously.