Why to Take Electric Guitar Lessons from a Good Teacher


Guitar players have often been assayed with the legends of self-taught guitarists like Eric Clapton or Prince, and many believe that they too could teach themselves. With a growing number of online sites offering materials on every aspect of playing the guitar, this belief has only solidified. There are many who feel that there is no need to pay for good electric guitar teachers, because they can do it on their own. This is only true for a miniscule number of people, however. For most people, learning guitar with a teacher makes more sense.

Complicated instruments

The electric guitar is a versatile instrument, which can play many different styles and has a large number of sounds with which you can work. Apart from the actual music, it can be very daunting to just handle an electric guitar for beginners. If you don’t know what each part of the instrument is, what it does and how you should use it for best effect, having a teacher explain in detail to you will be very helpful. A complicated instrument, the electric guitar needs a lot of practice and guidance which books, CDs and online videos will not be able to provide to the full extent of your requirement.

Personal attention

If you are seriously considering a career in music, then you need a teacher who will give you personal attention. The only way your playing can be evaluated and suggestions made for improvement is if you are interacting on a regular basis with someone who has knowledge and understanding of the music world. Without a teacher, you will end up repeating the same mistakes again and again, without even realising you are making a mistake. Once you get into a bad habit, it is very hard to get out of it again.

Answering trivial questions

Once you start electric guitar lessons, there will always be questions and doubts cropping up. The more you learn, the less you feel you know. This is true for almost any subject and this is where the value of a good teacher is priceless. Your questions pertaining to your own special experience can be answered in detail by your teacher, who will also take the opportunity to guide you through your problems and come through as a better player than before. Small things can make a big difference and your teacher can certainly help you there.

Reaching musical goals

When you set out to learn guitar, you will learn the basics at first. For this, you can go to any generic teacher who can teach you. But as you progress, this will no longer be useful. Forget learning without a teacher, you will require teachers who are experts in the style of music in which you want to progress further. If you want to study rock in depth, it’s best to learn from a rock guitarist and so on. You need to learn from a guitarist specialising in your own style of music for best results.

If you have a good rapport with your teacher and he or she is able to understand your goals and work with you on achieving them, you are in a great position with regards to learning how to play the electric guitar. A good teacher enhances your knowledge and experience of music through electric guitar tutorials and makes a better player out of you.