Reasons for Taking Bass Guitar Lessons for Grading


Bass Guitar is a popular instrument that was first developed in the 1930s. Since then, it has come a long way to being used in many different music styles including rock, jazz, reggae and punk. Universities and music colleges now offer bass guitar diplomas and degrees, though most students generally stick to informal training with bass guitar tutorials. However, there are some good reasons to take exams and obtain certification, either a degree or a diploma.

International recognition

An excellent reason for preparing for grading exams is the international recognition that comes along with certification. This ensures that your qualification as a guitarist is acknowledged all over the world, or at least in most countries. This can easily open up your way for any sort of musical event, job, performance or further studies in music. Of course, for this to work as it should, it is important that the grading is obtained from a reputed organisation or exam, such as the ABSRM, RGT or RCM, institutions that are globally recognised.

Setting goals

Some people are able to work better with random learning at their own pace. However, most people learn better through a systematic learning process which can be evaluated over a period of time to see how much they have actually learned. For many students, bass guitar lessons for preparing them for exams also help them to set goals for their future music study. While taking formal exams, you will be able to understand how much you already know and what you want to do next. You can decide on your short term and long term goals in advance and accordingly work towards them.

Measure your own success

Very often, musicians who have learnt on their own or through informal teaching do not know how far they have reached in their learning because of the lack of systematic grading. Even those who play very well really have no idea exactly what grade they are in. In order to measure your own success and to understand how much you still have to work on your music, grade exams are important. This can be especially helpful if you are stuck in a rut regarding your musical learning or career.

All rounded guitarist

When it comes to playing an instrument like the guitar, sometimes some techniques and basic knowledge are neglected. This means that the student often does not gain a complete understanding of basic concepts like rhythm and reading scales, without which one cannot really progress beyond a certain stage of learning. When learning through a certified and standardised course, you have to follow a structured syllabus, without leaving anything out. This will help hone your weak points and build up your knowledge base, resulting in your become a better and well rounded guitar player.

Musical career

Whether you want to become a bass guitar teacher or whether you want to work in some other field related to music and bass guitars, you will require accreditation from a reputed institute. Taking bass guitar classes in order to get a diploma and make a name for yourself in the field of music is the best way forward. A degree in music is always helpful in impressing future employers of your worth, just like in any other field.