Bass Guitar Lessons: Preparing You How to be a Band Bass Player

A band would not sound full and complete without a bass.  You may not be able to hear its deep and low sound above the guitar riffs or the banging of the drums. But if you take it away, there’s definitely something missing.  Taking bass guitar  lessons will make you realize that a band’s bassist has a crucial role to play.

In a band, each member may have its own share of quirks and perks. The lead vocalist getsall the spotlight.  The drummer gets all the girls.  The guitarists get all the admiration.  While the bass player is…’the fat guy who stands at the back’?

Here are some to-do tips that will show the importance of a bass player in a band:

  1. Keep it together.  Guitarists plays chords.  Alongside, the bassist plays one note at a time.   The bass serves to connect all those guitar chords together.  The bass acts as a bond, ensuring a tight yet smooth flowing synthesis of harmony and rhythm.
  1. Play the supporting role.  On a positive note, he bass player may have been referred to as ‘that fat guy at the back’ because he is heavy on bass playing skills.He carries the weight of harmony and rhythm on his shoulders.  It’s true, a bass player primarily plays a supporting role.  However, you should not be led to believe that bassists can never lead a band nor be an icon.
  1. Be the pulse-keeper.  This requires you to lock-in or work closely with the drummer.  Both of you should function as time-keepers.  Establish and maintain the precise and steady flow of the beat.  In bass guitar lessons, you may have used a metronome to develop your sense of time.  Yet it would be great for you to have your own inner clockwork too.
  1. Be in command of the rhythm.  Being the bass player, you need to be the driver of the rhythm. Fasten it on to the beat.  You need to know when to hit the notes as you cruise along the rhythm and the beat.  A smooth, easy, and memorable sound trip lies in your hands.
  1. Find your shining moments.  Embrace the fact that songs do not always have bass solo parts.  Yet there are quite a number of songs out there that have brilliant and memorable bass lines.  They made a mark in history.  Think Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” or “Under Pressure, to name a few.  Seize the moment, yet do not overdo it.  It is best to go with the flow and keep your stance on guarding the rhythm.
  1. Be yourself. Be cool. Lead vocalists may prance around onstage. Lead guitarists may smash their guitars to smithereens.  Well, that’s their thing.  You may come up with your own antics as well.  Yet keep focused on what you really have to do.  Being yourself is the best way to bring out the cool in you.

Your bass guitar lessons are important for you get to know all about that bass. If you’re on the right track,  you’ll see that fitting-in and maneuvering your way to the role of band bass player could be no trouble at all.