Guitar Lessons Now.  Guitar-Playing Career Later?

“The guitar’s all right John, but you’ll never make a living out of it”.  Those were the famous words uttered by his Aunt Mimi to the teenaged John Lennon.  We know the story.  John Lennon proved her wrong.  You are not taking guitar lessons ‘just for the sake of playing’, right? Guitar playing may be a hobby for some.  But for others, it may lead to something more.

You may be serious about a career that would allow you to play the guitar and get paid for it.  Your rock star dreams may not all come true.  Yet it is possible to live in a reality where your guitar-playing job could actually pay the bills or give you a decent source of living.


Jobs and Earning Opportunities for Guitar Players:

  1. A Professional Artist / Band

Regular and paid gigs in clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, weddings, cruise ships and other venues can give you a steady stream of income.  The discipline and the long practice hours you invested on guitar lessons would definitely help you in this pursuit.  This career requires dedication, professionalism, and flexibility.

2. Live Guitar Session Players

This would require you to play with different band members. You may serve as session or substitute guitarist for a touring band or artist.  They could hire you for a few hours or a one-night gig.  Or you could be in contract for weeks, months or the entire duration of a concert tour.

  1. Guitar Player For Recording Sessions

Record producers usually hire session musicians to record the backing tracks for recording artist’s single or album.  Filmmakers or TV producers may hire guitarists to compose and play music scores or soundtracks.  While advertising creative directors may require you to compose commercial jingles.

  1. Online Service Or Viral Video Sensation   

Earn from your guitar playing skills by uploading ‘demo’ or ‘how-to’ videos related to guitar playing.  Moreover, your awesome and unique guitar skills may draw a lot of eyeballs, clicks, views, and shares from social media netizens all over the world.  Yes you can earn online, especially from advertising revenue shares from social media platforms like YouTube.

  1. Guitar Teacher

The baton has been passed on to you by your guitar teacher.  You can follow the career path of giving guitar lessons in a music school or an online school.  Or you could be a private guitar tutor.

  1. Guitar Manufacturer and Repair Person  

If you have skilled hands to create and fix guitars, this could be a lucrative business or a good employment opportunity.  Guitar skills are a must. You need to be able to play and test if the instrument passes sound quality standards.

  1. Guitar Book Author or Article Writer

No one is credible enough to write about guitars than a guitarist himself.  This could be your avenue to share your techniques, tips, and experiences in guitar playing.  You earn from book publishing royalties or get paid for every article that you write and publish.

Just like in school, your guitar lessons could give you a simulation of what it takes and what is required of you as a guitar player.  From there, you could evaluate your skills and motivations.  If John Lennon’s Aunt Mimi would utter the same words to you now, would you be ready to take-up the challenge?

Take advantage of the vast opportunity for a guitar player by taking guitar lessons now. You can be sure that all results will be positive whether you just want to play for your pleasure or to make a career out of it in the future. The friends you will make, the connections you will establish and the fun things you will learn are just a few of the things that will make guitar lessons truly worth your time and effort.