Guitar Techniques Improvement

While learning to play the guitar it is very important to learn the right techniques. Guitar techniques are different methods of playing the strings to achieve different sounds.

There are a number of guitar techniques that add excitement and soul to a song. Most notable among them are the bend, bend/release, hammer-on, pull-off, vibrato, tapping and many more.

Bend involves first playing the note, then bending the string with the finger till the next note is heard. Bend/release involves bending and then releasing back to the original note.

My confidence has improved dramatically with the guitar lessons.

– Jessica Lim, 18 years old

After trying to learn for 2 years without much progress, I finally signed up for lessons. Within one month, my guitar playing techniques improved drastically. I finally realized my passion for playing the guitar. Now, I always bring my guitar picks everywhere as I am addicted to my guitar!

Hammer-on is plucking the first note alone and pulling the second note at the lower fret. Pull-off is similar to hammer on except you need to pull the second note instead of hammering it.

Slide involves fretting a note and moving to the next notes without removing the pressure from the finger. Vibrato is similar to bending except one needs to repeatedly bend the note before letting the note back to the original pitch. Tapping involves tapping the middle finger or the index finger at the written fret.

Overview of Technique Improvement

The best way to learn the guitar and improve your musical skills is by learning guitar chord songs. Beginners often find the vast range of techniques mind numbing. In such situations, guitar chords songs are the easiest way out.

Playing New Songs Can be Fun

Do not be scared of trying out new songs with new techniques. Although there exists a natural tendency to play, only those songs that one is familiar with, one must always try to break out of this mentality and try out new songs.

Playing songs that you normally don’t listen to will broaden your skills and help you learn more about rhythm techniques and chords.

While practicing a particular song or technique, practice it continuously for a week or more. It usually takes a while to perfectly learn any technique, so it is better you keep at it till you have mastered it. With time, you will find that you are picking up a lot faster.

My band members have complimented me on my rapid progress!

– Sally Ng, 24 years old

Having played the band for 1 year, I still felt that my guitar playing techniques could be improved on.

Peter, my guitar teacher has opened up a new era of playing the guitar for me. Now, my confidence has boosted tremendously and even my band mates have requested that I be the lead guitarist! Best investment!

While playing, practice tapping your feet to the beat. At first, this might prove to be tough, but soon enough it will become second nature for you. Tapping your foot helps in developing your internal clock and is exceedingly useful when it comes to singing while playing and playing the lead guitar.

Do not be afraid of playing the guitar as loudly as you can. Beginners often feel timid about how they sound and end up playing too soft. Nevertheless, it is a much better habit playing loud as once you learn to play loud it is easier to switch to soft than the other way around.

While learning, play the guitar slowly. Ensure you are strumming each chord right and each note you play is clear. If you do not get your fingering right in the beginning, it could prove disadvantageous in the long run.

These tips can help you improve your overall guitar techniques. Have fun playing!

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