Reasons Why Guitar Courses Are So Popular With Teenagers

Beginner Guitar lessons are so popular with teenagers these days. There was a time when all parents wanted their child to learn was the piano because it was a symbol of musical talent and sophistication.

But now, every where you look, you will see people gathered together, having fun listening to someone play the guitar. So what could it be about guitars that makes them popular? What could it offer you and me. Well, read on and you will see why it is currently the preferred instrument by teenagers.

First of all, there’s the reason of portability. Taking it with you everywhere is just so easy. Because you can just swing it over your shoulder (with the covering and strap, of course), the outgoing teenagers love taking it to the beach, friend’s house, or any hang out place they have. It’s not really heavy, plus, it looks cool especially if you’re a guy. It is easy to carry around after beginner guitar lessons.

Secondly, the guitar chords are easy to learn. And there are, actually, only a few of them that you have to memorize in order to be able to play a song, unlike a piano that has many keys and notes. This makes it quicker to learn, and the average person can finish studying the chords in just a few days, or a couple of weeks. But of course, this is assuming that he has been very diligent in practicing.

The guitar is one easy instrument to buy. Just about every music store will have a wide range of guitar in their inventory. Whether you like an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, the choice is yours. There is also a tempting array of designs and colors that will make you forget about other instruments that you might have been considering.

But probably the factor that had the most impact on teenagers is the fact that they always listen to rock music. What’s the most prominent symbol for rock? Guitar! Teenagers idolize rock stars, wanting to be just like them in the future: popular with lots of adoring fans, musically talented, and rich. Most rock stars can play the guitar or if not, a person in their band does. They think that it’s a way to be “in.” You will also hear guitars playing in pop, R&B and hip hop music.

Compare these popular music to classical music. What do you think is more appealing to teenagers? As long as the teenager is listening to music, the tendency is for him to choose the guitar over piano or any other instrument. It’s pretty normal for this to happen, because the adolescent stage is the time when people dream about becoming someone famous in the future.

Having this bias isn’t too bad either. It’s good that a teenager is interested in music, even if it’s just the guitar and participating in beginner guitar lessons. At least you know that they are doing something productive in their life. You just know they won’t end up being couch potatoes or members of street gangs.