How To Learn The Guitar Fast

First Few Steps on How to Play the Guitar

1. For the first step of learning, Try A, C, D, Dm, E, Em, F and G. You may also find it difficult to position your fingers strategically on the fretboard to meet the demands of certain chords, but just keep practising and your fingers will adapt in time.

2. Find the best guitarist to teach you and can spend sometime with you. Some of the most popular songs from The Beatles, Oasis, and Greenday are relatively easy to play. For example, Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ is well known for being novice-friendly.

3. Everyday practice. It cannot be stressed how important this is!

As reported by the NME on 5 January 2008, referring back to his days of learning, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello said, “When I learned that one hour a day caused me to become a better player, I thought, ‘Well, what about two hours a day?

Oh look how I’m improving at four hours a day!’, to the obsessive-compulsive lengths of playing eight hours a day”.

4. Focus on areas of your technique that need improvement. You may excel in certain departments ahead of others. Never neglect any part of your play at the same time, otherwise it will suffer.

Maintain your consistency across the board and deal with obstacles when they arise. It is an enormous sense of achievement once you overcome a problem with your play.

And you will meet problems, everybody does! But when you master them, your technique will be that much better for it.

5. Learn to be patient. A guitar needs time. It will reward you if you put in the effort. From learning new chords to developing the rhythm of your strumming, you will often need a considerable amount of patience.

6. Make sure you have access to all the resources and tools that you need. These stuffs will help you get familiarize yourself with the use of guitar.

7. This is a hobby so Enjoy and just take it easy.

If you follow these guidelines you should see substantial, steady progress soon. Becoming accomplished really depends on how committed you are. If you want it enough, go out and get it!