What To Know Before Taking Classical Guitar Lessons

If you are thinking of taking classical guitar lessons, you should make sure you know what you are getting into.

Do you really know the difference between regular guitar and classical guitar?

While the general teaching of classical guitar lessons and regular guitar lessons are similar, there are a few minor differences that come into play because of the structure of the guitars.

Both a classical guitar and regular guitar have six strings. A regular guitar has all metal strings. A classical guitar has half strings of nylon and half in nylon and brass wire. The neck is also sized and shaped a little differently in a classical guitar.

Additionally, unlike a regular guitar, which often has pickups or extras to become electric, a classical guitar is very simple in styling.

How should you learn classical guitar?

There are a few ways you can learn classical guitar. Many people start out by trying to watch a DVD or video of classical guitar lessons to learn. While this seems like a good idea initially, most find it doesn’t work. The problem is that using pre-recorded classical guitar lessons means there is no feedback when you are playing. You will not be able to easily tell if you are doing things right or wrong, and have no one to help you figure it out.

The best way to go is considered to be by getting classical guitar lessons from an excellent guitar teacher.

How can you find a good teacher for classical guitar lessons?

Once you decide the best kind of classical guitar lessons for you are with a live teacher, you need to find a great teacher. In this respect you can select between individual classical guitar lessons or group classical guitar lessons.

In individual lessons, you will work one on one with a teacher. In group lessons, there will be a number of you working together towards a common goal.

If you are unsure whom you want as a teacher, ask to listen to a sample of teacher you are considering playing classical guitar. This way you can hear how they are going to train you to play.

What should a classical guitarist listen to?

If you really want to understand your classical guitar lessons, make a habit of listening to classical guitar music. The more you listen to this style of music, the more you will be able to feel the music as you are learning and have a goal to look forward to.