Selecting A Music School In Singapore

Choosing a music school can be a difficult choice. At first you will need to make many decisions: what majors and areas of specialization interest you and the importance of cost, location and other similar factors.

Once you have decided on these, you will still need to undertake a consultation to focus your interests and choice of a music school.

Step-by-step process to help you evaluate each school or program:

Visit the school’s website. Often the school’s website will provide a “Q&A” page which will answer the most common questions.

Speak to the teacher before the lesson.. Therefore, we recommend speaking to them before the lesson to see if your expectations are met with your teacher’s teaching style. Ask them these questions:

  • teaching methodology
  • expected timeframes for achieving your musical goals
  • Their interest in the guitar

If a music school or agency is committed to excellent customer service..

From their responses, you would know how they would support you in any other additional concerns.

Selecting a suitable music school is extremely satisfying once you have found a compatible one.