Selecting Guitar Lessons

If you have been thinking about taking on playing the guitar, you may wonder which way is the best to do it. There are so many different ways to learn guitar these days that you may have a tough time sorting out the best methods.

So, let’s look at the options and their pros and cons.


There are a number of ways to learn guitar online. Most of these involve watching a video of guitar lessons and learning from what is done on the screen. While many people think this is a fun way to learn, it is not always the easiest way to learn.

Unfortunately, there is something lost in the use of a video on a computer screen for guitar lessons. It is sometimes hard to make sense of where fingers are on the guitar and get a real feel for how to play the notes properly.

In Person

Still the best way to learn to play guitar is with personal guitar lessons. When there is a person in front of you during guitar lessons, you can watch their fingers as the demonstrate how to play. You can also have instant feedback to show you what you are doing right or wrong. This way you don’t pick up any bad guitar playing habits.

There are two types of in person guitar lessons:

One on One Guitar Lessons

One on one guitar lessons are lessons where you and your teacher are the only ones working together. This can either be done in the guitar shop or sometimes the teacher will come to your home.

Many people work better with a teacher who is attentive to what they are doing and can correct them immediately. For those who are shy about making mistakes, this may be the best option as it is only the student and the teacher playing in these guitar lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons

In group guitar lessons, there are a number of people learning together. If you appreciate working with others and being a supportive member of a group, this is a wonderful option. Not only can you be there to support others as they learn guitar, but they will support you as well. Once you all start learning, you can even play together and enjoy the sound of being part of your own musical group.

Another benefit of both types of in person guitar lessons is that you have a flexibility and schedule for lessons. For many people, it is exciting to have something to work towards. Often this can help you learn to play even more quickly as you look forward to what is next.