How To Learn To Play The Guitar

When someone says they want to know how to learn to play a guitar, there are many paths they can take. Here is a look at the possible ways to learn guitar:

Method 1)

Online Video or DVD Lessons

There are a number of great guitar players around the world. Some of them also have great skill at teaching. So, they have created video recordings of them teaching people how to play guitar. They often sell these lessons in a DVD or online format.

While it is easier to learn guitar with the aid of a video than using a theory book, there are still complaints from some students who use video instruction. While they can watch someone playing, and try to learn guitar from what they see, that may not be enough. Sometimes, the video makes it hard to see the details of where the fingers are to make a sound on the guitar.

Another problem is that there is no teacher feedback for the student, so they may not be sure that they are doing it correctly.

Method 2)

Theory Books

Theory books are literally books that have pages of explanations of how to learn guitar. They will show charts of where fingers belong to play the chords as well as descriptions of how things should feel as you learn guitar.

For many people, theory books are not the best way to learn guitar. There is no feedback, and after you have learned things one way you may find out you have interpreted the book incorrectly.

Studies also show that it takes much longer to learn guitar by theory books than many other methods.

Method 3)

Group Lessons

Another way which many people learn to play the guitar is through group lessons. Group lessons are where a group of people who all want to learn guitar get together with an instructor and learn as a group. This is a method that is very helpful for some people because they have the support of others.

Method 4)

Private Lessons

A final way to learn guitar is with one on one instruction. In this case you are the student and you have a teacher just focused on you and your learning. This is a great way to learn guitar, as you will not be allowed to learn incorrectly. The teacher will be there every step of the way to make sure you are doing things right.

Those who take private lessons often show the fastest abilities from guitar lessons. This is because of the private attention and focus between instructor and student.