Types of cello lessons

For Kids:

We recommend the minimum for a student to start cello lessons is 8 years old. Students beginning cello lessons need to ensure they are properly sized for their instrument. Cellos also come in four sizes (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes). When measured, the cello size is based on the student’s arm length and ability to sit with the cello sitting comfortably against their shoulder at the correct height and between the student’s knees.

Cello strings are much thicker than violin strings, also requiring the student to have more hand and finger strength to press strings to the fingerboard. A student can start cello younger than 8, however, due to the fine motor skills needed to learn the instrument, we recommend starting no younger than 8 years old for the best experience.

Teaching methods such as traditional, Suzuki, or a blend of both are common methods used by our teachers during lessons.


For Adults:

The rich tone of the cello is usually the most known reason that draws an adult to learn this instrument. The cello is primarily an orchestral and chamber music instrument, but it is also heard in jazz, rock, folk, and pop music. The popularity of cello lessons amongst adults has especially risen in recent years due to the beautiful and rich sounds the cello can produce from its lowest to highest notes.

Every cello instructor in our database has the necessary skills and years of experience in teaching every age, from children to adults, and is eager to explore your musical goals and make lasting progress. Impress your friends and loved ones by stepping out of your comfort zone and finally becoming the musician that you have always been!