Keyboard Lesson Plan

It’s Never Too Late To Become a Keyboard Sensation

We realize that age does not matter in your ability to master the keyboard. No, the fingers are not stiff. And you can learn quickly with a great teacher to guide you. The key to your success is simply – action.

For kids: The keyboard is one of the easiest musical instruments to start with, even for children as young as 3 years old. Young children have a short attention span and teaching modules need to be as simple as possible. In fact, plenty of interaction during lessons helps them focus too.

With every kid’s keyboard lesson, you can expect:

  • Fun And Interactive Exercises To Train Motor Co-ordination Skills For Getting Comfortable With The Keyboard
  • Flash Cards, Fun Games And Many More To Make Learning The Note Reading Fun
  • Personalized Keyboard Coaching Sessions Designed According To Your Kid’s Learning Styles
  • Feedback About Your Kid’s Progress During Keyboard Lessons So That You Can Learn About The Challenges And Talents That Your Child Has

For Teenagers / Adults: Like the idea of performing for your friends with the electronic keyboard? Are your friends jamming and you hope to join them? Do you think you’re too old to learn? Yet a part of you wonders if you really can pick up the skill of playing on the keyboard. All those notes and songs seem overly-complicated. And if you never played a musical instrument before, perhaps you might struggle with it?

There is some truth in those worries and concerns. Some people struggle in the beginning, however most of them give up just before they were about to master it. The good news is that you can be a keyboard player easily and quickly with a keyboard teacher guiding you to success, identifying pitfalls and learning cycles. Mastering the keyboard is easy with a strong foundation of playing the keyboard.

Benefits of teenager / adult keyboard lessons:

  • Fun and inspiring lessons that encourage students to look forward to each lesson.
  • Customized Keyboard Lessons According To Your Preferences And Learning Styles
  • Simplified And Fun Introduction To Music Notes For Comprehending Songs Easily
  • Introducing Correct Habits Right From The Start To Build A Strong Foundation For Playing The Keyboard
  • Detailed And In-depth Critique About Your Keyboard Habits And Styles For Faster Learning
  • Build a strong foundation for a lifetime of musical excellence and enjoyment


Here is an example of how the keyboard lessons will be structured. The lessons will be customized to you or your child’s learning preferences and the teacher’s styles. Printouts and notes may be provided.

Lesson 1 – Building A Strong Keyboard Foundation

  • Interactive games for mastering the correct posture and finger techniques in playing the keyboard for faster acceleration (For kids)
  • Mastering the correct posture and finger techniques in playing the keyboard
  • Secret tricks on keeping the fingers curved and nimble when placed on the keyboard
  • Playing the first song on the keyboard by substituting musical notes with finger numbers

Lesson 2 – Excelling In The Keyboard Basics

  • Learning the basics of the treble and bass staffs
  • Fun games to memorize the notes names and values and the keyboard keys that correspond
  • Putting it together, practicing a simple song

Lesson 3 – Accelerating Keyboard Momentum

  • Using mind association tricks to introduce and interest your child in the different musical symbols. Tips on associating them easily will be provided. (For kids)
  • Different musical symbols like legato, staccato, accent, crescendo, decrescendo, and other special symbols will be introduced. Tips on associating them easily will be provided.
  • Controlling the keyboard dynamics, through reading the musical symbols and adjusting the keyboard loudness or softness.
  • Practicing the keyboard fundamentals with several simple songs. Be prepared to feel like a keyboard player already!

Lesson 4 – Master Keyboard Scales And Intervals

  • Making your child interested in keyboard major, minor scales and minor intervals through keyboard teacher’s guidance. (For kids)
  • Overcoming the keyboard major, minor scales and minor intervals through keyboard teacher insights.
  • Attempting these intervals on the keyboard and practicing more challenging songs.
  • Rehearsing the different versions of musical notes on the keyboard and be prepared to feel surprised about your progress.

Lesson 5 – Mixing It Up Like A Proper Keyboard Player

  • Introduction to the primary and common chords.
  • Conquering modulation which is a relatively advanced techniques with the guidance of the keyboard teacher, allowing tonal variations in playing keyboard pieces.
  • Combining vocal singing and keyboard playing together. Wow, you will be motivated and feel like a real keyboard player now!