Intermediate Drums Lesson

Enter the Next Level of Drumming Nirvana

The better your drumming ability, the more you can experience the highs of pure drumming bliss!

After mastering the basics in the beginners’ program, you can deepen your understanding of different aspects of drumming, and evolve from playing simple drumming rhythms to more sophisticated ones by taking on Intermediate level lessons.

#1 – Drum Bass Independence

In the first part we focus on improving your timing, coordination and speed on the bass drum. The variety of beats typically involve quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes.

Some drummers use double pedals on these beats, but it is also recommended to first practice these beats using a single pedal before using a double pedal.

These notes are essential for a drummer because they serve as a pattern for you to begin, arrange and execute any drum rudiment, fill or drum beat. As you go on to more advanced beats, you will play beyond sixteenth-note rhythms.

#2 Snare Drum Independence

The second part focuses on using the snare. The snare is an essential part of a drumset because it is the initiator of every beginning and end, the timing, and the necessary rhythm dictator of the drum beat, fill or rudiment.

Approach on the lesson will be similar to the drum bass independence, which we will see sixteenth note patterns, eighth notes and quarter notes.

It is important that you first learn to perfect every drum beat on a quarter note, before moving on to an eighth note, then to a sixteenth note. You should build your skills systematically to set a good foundation.

#3 Combining Bass and Snare

Now we increase the challenge by combining the beats on the bass and the beats on the snare. Initiate every beat by beginning on the snare, and then insert the bass.

Most drum beats begin with the snare, but starting with the bass drum may also be correct as long as you are most comfortable with it. Now in this part, applying sixteenth notes, eighths notes and quarter notes on both the snare and bass drum will definitely create a thrilling drum rudiment.

The three parts of the intermediate lessons on drums as shown are what’s most basically given and understanding these lessons will bring you passing the lessons in a swiftly manner.

Drummers are encouraged to always be on the edge of learning to improve their skills. The more you practice, the better you get.