Advanced Keyboard Lesson

Unleash Your Inner Prodigy with Advanced Keyboard Lessons

3 Key Ways We Help You Advance in Your Musical Competence on Keyboard

  1. Your Teacher – A key success (and enjoyment) factor is the teacher you work with. Let us match you with someone who suits your needs and who can create great rapport with you as well as make lessons effective and fun.
  2. Your Effort – We help you with the logistics of looking for an experienced and competent teacher so you do not waste time and effort on the non-essentials. When you can focus your efforts on learning from the teacher in a fun and engaging way, you shall be quickly rewarded by progressing your keyboard playing skills.
  3. Our System – Our professional and experienced teachers systematically teach you new skills and build on existing ones so you can easily learn to play a tune of a piece by just hearing it. You can easily adapt to the beat of the song and can even play comfortably without looking at the chords.

Here is a taste of advanced techniques you can learn:

Chord progressions

Chord progressions are series of chords which is very helpful in harmonizing songs. The key of C Major, keep in mind that C,E,G uses the I (One) chord. Also take note that this will be the root position.

Practice keeping the rhythm even if you play only a portion of the song. Don’t rush things but just play the beat until you learn how to follow the flow of the song. Appreciate what you are learning and you will benefit the song.

Adding harmony

You can always use chords in adding harmony to a melody and it can be done in many different ways. This lesson teaches some examples and put it into practice using the chords in different keys.

Afterwards, you will be able to classify the chords on whether you will need a I (One) or a IV (Four) or a V7 (Five-Seven) that will perfectly match with the notes. You will be surprised that you can even find a variety of your own in adding harmony to your songs. You will also learn in this lesson the use of chords in different ways to harmonize 3/4 time, 6/8 time, and 4/4 time.

Some of the pieces that will help you on this lesson are as follows:

“Oom Pah in 4/4 Time” – you can use this simple piece to blend with many melodies. It is advisable that you use the three notes C Major triad in creating “Oom Pah” with the left hand.

“Skipping Up and Down the Hills” in 4/4 time – Take note that using the Major triads to play a note on each beat of the measure is important.

“Climbing to the Tenth” – this keyboard piece makes a very nice harmony. It can also be played in a 3/4 time.

“Broken Triads” – it is perfect to harmonize songs in 6/8 time.

Enriching the Melody

This method helps in making the melody sound fuller. You can use variations by adding some chords with inversions and the melody as the top note of the chord.


It is the distance from one tone to another. Intervals can be seen as named by first, second, and other ordinal words. Major interval is one form. You will learn to play them, sing them, and hear them in these lessons.

The first step in learning this lesson is to learn playing and singing the C Major scale.

Reading about it here is no where near as fun and rewarding as getting a hands-on experience learning from a passionate and professional keyboard teacher. Contact us today so we can help you make it happen!