Advanced Drums Lesson

Unleash the Full Power of Your Drumming Rockstar Within

If you have mastered the basics and progressed through several levels of drumming, what’s next?

Advanced Drums Tip #1

Learn signature drumming beats from different genres of music from pop, rock, blues, jazz, to reggae rhythms.

Advanced Drums Tip #2

Wield even more mastery over how you hold the drumsticks, how softly or strongly you strike different drums and foot pedals to introduce a wider range of expression to your drumming.

Advanced Drums Tip #3

Build your repertoire of drumming sixteenth notes.

  1. The first advanced drum beat to be taught is the simplest of its kind to get you ready for more complex lessons.


This beat should be pretty easy for you if you have completed beginner and intermediate drum lessons. Practice this beat a few times and you’re good to go for the next level of lessons.

  1. On this second lesson in the advanced drum beat, it will start to get challenging and somewhat complicated.


Eighth note counts is the key for this lesson with the combination of snare and bass drum shots on almost every off-beat. The key to this particular lesson is to practice slowly and count out loud when starting off.

  1. The next lesson includes groups of sixteenth notes on both snare and bass drums. If you have done groups of three in the previous lessons, here it is different since these groups should be played continuous, meaning no rests or gaps. You will also notice that the first half is challenging and will surely take you bit of a time to perform properly while the latter part of the bit is easier.


Don’t be afraid of the tempo changes. Drummers tend to speed up or slow down depending on the tempo beat. It’s quite common for them to speed in a chorus to be very effective; you should first check the tempo and beat of the song to decide whether it is appropriate to change the pace of a specific beat.

Always bear in mind that rushing things up may create a disaster in the rhythm of the song which will then affect the whole experience. The basis of the tempo should always be followed consistently throughout the song.

Being a rockstar drummer is as simple as possible if you give it your best shot and consistent practice. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as you build the foundations to playing drums like a rockstar!