Adult Saxophone Lesson

A Life Transforming Experience of Mastering The Saxophone Awaits

  • Do you love jazz music?
  • Have you always wanted to play the saxophone?
  • Yet do you doubt you can do it?

Two passionate jazz lovers once decided that they would learn to play the saxophone. They have a similar educational and musical background. 12 months later, one had mastered the saxophone and was delighting her friends at social gatherings. The other had given up and concluded she simply did not have the talent.

What was the difference?

The key reason was that the first person hired a saxophone teacher to guide her while the second tried to learn it all by herself.

Don’t let the second scenario happen to you.

No matter what your age, if you have a great teacher to guide you, you too can learn to play the saxophone in a few short months.

5 Ways you could benefit from taking saxophone lessons as an adult:

  1. Sense of accomplishment and joy from developing your musical ability to play the saxophone quickly and well
  2. Customized lessons according to your learning objectives and learning style
  3. Develop good habits for posture and fingering positions to play tunes powerfully within a few lessons
  4. De-mystify musical chords and scales to learn a new musical language
  5. Break free from your inner mental blocks to unleash the saxophonist within

You will be training under one of the best saxophone teachers in Singapore who is right for you. After every lesson, you might be pleasantly surprised that you feel calm and relaxed after ‘saxophone sound therapy’ and related breathing exercises.

This is an example of the structure of Adult Saxophone Lessons. Your own lessons will be customized based on your learning style and your teacher’s teaching style.

Lesson 1 – Building A Strong Foundation

  • Learn the do’s and dont’s of holding the saxophone
  • Master a proper embouchure for higher sound production with minimal blowing effort
  • Learn critical diaphragm-controlling techniques to become a powerhouse sound machine

Lesson 2 – Preparing To Become A Master Saxophonist With Proper Habits

  • Understanding the importance of mastering the right habits right from the start
  • Correct posture and finger practice techniques for powerful sounds and minimal effort
  • Practicing lessons 1 and 2 to gain a strong understanding of the foundation

Lesson 3 – De-mystifying the Language of Music

  • Simplifying the music language through understanding the basic theories
  • Reading and understanding music chords and scales can be easy
  • Follow the saxophone teacher! By following the saxophone teacher and phrasing their sounds, you can play the simple songs easily and quickly

Lesson 4 – Introducing The Saxophonist’s First Song

  • Mastering simple songs to play on the saxophone
  • Incorporating all the proper habits and practicing it on the simple songs
  • Gaining confidence about your saxophone abilities and enjoying the instrument
  • Perform your first song and perform it for friends and family!

Lesson 5 – Mastering New Advanced Techniques

  • Flutter tongue and growling techniques to strengthen your diaphragms for mastering control over your air stream
  • Advanced patterns and phrasing; saxophone teacher will introduce more complicated patterns for different saxophone tunes and notes

Lesson 6 – Advanced Songs For Advanced Saxophonists

  • Tone production, which focuses on coordinating mouth, tongue and fingers to achieve the right pitch and sounds
  • Achieving long tones, which focuses on hitting the right tone through embouchure development and breathe control
  • Introduction of more advanced songs and practicing advanced techniques

Remember, no one is born with natural abilities, but anyone can develop musical abilities if they get the right coaching and put in the right effort. Choose to be a success story today by taking smart action.