Auditioning for Musical Theatre Singing


Broadway singing is a specialized field that goes hand in hand with a multitude of skills you would have to develop to get a sporting chance at getting a job. Singing, acting, dancing, playing an instrument are all things that would assist you in acing an audition. If you wish to know more about all the skills you would need along with Broadway singing lessons, check out this article: But here, we will see how to prepare for an audition to one of these difficult positions.

Know the musical

If you are preparing for a specific show or musical, the best way to make sure that the auditioners will notice you is to be very familiar with it. Attend the shows, observe the actors on the stage carefully, find out what is acceptable and what isn’t by going through YouTube videos of the shows. Understand the people you are going to audition for, so you can make your preparations accordingly. You will find that there are different styles of performance and you will have to give the auditioners what they are seeking.

Relevant preparation

You would of course, have had professional singing lessons in order to prepare for a career on Broadway. But when preparing for a specific audition, generic songs are irrelevant. The auditioner is looking to fill a specific role and your audition performance has to convince them that you are a good fit for the type of role they want you to fill. Preparing a tragedy piece for a comedy show would never get you the job. Once you know what kind of role is being auditioned, you can prepare your piece accordingly.

Show off your skill immediately

Choose a piece that would showcase your talent immediately at the start. This would be the smart thing to do since auditioners often receive a large number of applications and don’t have enough time to see entire pieces performed. In such cases, it is important to get their attention right away, so find something that you are good at, but at the same time, it should be something that gives you the opportunity to show off your skills as soon as soon as you start the audition.

Take your repertoire book

If you are serious about your career aspirations in Broadway, start with building a repertoire. Get yourself a book and note down all that you have memorized and index them properly. This way, when you get called on to perform in an audition, you will have a number of suitable choices at your fingertips and can easily pick one.

Live healthy

Preparing for a career in Broadway is not a walk in the park. It is demanding and exhausting. For this reason alone, you must ensure that you are taking excellent care of yourself. By sleeping on time, eating nutritious food and getting sufficient exercise, you will be able to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind and energetic enough to meet the rigours of the field.

Getting into musical theatre is not an easy job and needs a lot of preparation for a number of years before you are even ready to think about applying for a role. But hard work and perseverance pays off, and good talent is not hidden forever. For more information on learning Broadway singing, consult