Qualities To Look Out For In A Good Flute Teacher

Finding a flute teacher is easy but making sure that they are good and the perfect fit for you can be very difficult. Flute is a very versatile instrument and there must be a number of teachers in any given locality. However, you need to consider a few teachers before settling on one, so that you know a little about how it works. If you want to learn how to play the flute with a good teacher who will help you realise your goals, there are a few things you can do to help the process along, which will be explained below. You can also consult http://flutelessonssingapore.com/ for more information on this subject.

Check out music schools

This is pretty obvious but many people don’t do this because of the mistaken assumption that music schools only give out information on their own schedules and classes. This is not the case, since a lot of people who teach there also teach privately. The people in the music school can help recommending decent teachers to you, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, or whether you seek a teacher for your child or an adult.

Call the university’s music department

The people working in the music department tend to have knowledge about the teachers teaching in the area. They also know advanced students who are trying to set up their own teaching practice. In fact, since they work with musicians and flute players day in and day out, they have a pretty good idea of the flute culture in your locality and will be able to assist you with names and other details tailored to your requirements.

Flute associations

A great way to get in touch with flute players, teachers and students is to contact the local flute association in your area. Flute associations are basically organisations formed to cater to the needs of flute players and to help interested musicians to network with each other, provide opportunities for learning, teaching and playing the flute, and bring many other benefits to its members. Such an organisation can easily help you by recommending some of the best teachers in the area for you.

Personal recommendations

If you are already networking with flute players and know a few people who are into this, you can ask them for recommendations. The positive thing with personal recommendations is that you can discuss your requirements in detail with your friends and acquaintances and seek their advice. Make sure you explain your own level of learning and your goals to them, that is, hobby, career-oriented, etc.


Failing all the above, the one ubiquitous resource that will never fail you is Google search. Enter a search and you will receive many results. You can also consult different sites like Craiglist, etc. for your needs. There are numerous forums on which you can discuss with fellow music lovers on finding good teachers for flute. You can even check out what other students and flute lovers have to say about any teacher you are considering.

With all the methods described above, you are likely to find a good flute teacher of your choice. You can learn more about how to assess whether a teacher would be good or not in this article: http://flutelessonssingapore.com/makes-good-flute-teacher/.