Preparing for Auditions After Keyboard Lessons

As an advanced student, you can begin to play gigs and learn more about the culture of pianos and keyboards and start networking with other students and professionals. Without this very basic way of improving yourself, you will be unable to progress much farther in your pursuit of a musical career. But you are highly unlikely to land a gig without some formal preparation, and that would most likely involve auditioning. Here’s how to prepare for one!

Mental & Physical preparation

Nothing is more important than mental and physical preparation. Even if you know everything else, an exhausted and tired mind or body will lead you to perform badly in any kind of test or audition. Eat well balanced and nutritious meals and drink lot of water in order to derive the energy required for this. Sleep well the night before the audition. Far more battles have been lost due to lack of sleep than anything else. Exercise and meditate to put your mind at ease. Dress well in your favorite clothes so that you will feel confident. Follow a routine that puts you at ease and keeps you healthy and fit, and you will automatically take an important audition in your stride.

Practice in less ideal environments

So now that you have finished a certain level with your keyboard lessons in Singapore, you realize how much you have learned and how things have changed in both how you perceive the lessons and how you are taught as you gain more and more knowledge. For more information on this subject, check out this article: Now that you know how you have changed, you can push yourself even further and try to practice in less than ideal environments so that you can perform well under any adverse conditions, always a plus point when it comes to giving auditions.

Take all your documents

Some people might ask you to bring your documentation along, but most will not specify it as a requirement. However, by taking all your documents and being able to present it as and when required leaves an excellent impression. These include copies of all your musical qualification certificates, a résumé, and a business card, if you have one. Also take a couple of photographs in case you quickly have to sign a contract. You never know! Make sure that the documentation you provide has your current residential address, email address, and phone number. If not, provide it separately.

Consider taking your own keyboard      

Ask about the instruments provided during the audition and find out whether it is possible for you to take your own gear along. The fact that you are most familiar with your own keyboard would be a huge advantage during auditions. It is also possible that if you are not familiar with the type of keyboard provided during the audition, you might fumble at first, leaving a bad impression – something you want to avoid at all cost. If at all possible, use your own keyboard during auditions as in addition to the above, it also provides a higher level of comfort.

Preparing for auditions scares many people, but it need not be the case. With a little planning and attention to detail, it can become really an interesting part of your musical career. For learning more about taking advanced piano lessons and preparing for a career as a pianist, consult, a great resource for budding musicians in Singapore.