How to Gain Exposure After Taking Pop Singing Lessons

There is more and more space for pop singing these days. From making videos for the internet to playing at the local pub, there are more opportunities today than ever before. If the competition is fierce, so are the openings available to budding artistes. If you want to get into pop singing classes with the view of working on it as a profession, you will have to do some more work and be strategic about how you proceed.

Take voice lessons
This is a no brainer, really. If you want to be a singer, you will have to take voice classes. A lot of people can and do learn singing by themselves but there is a lot you can learn from a trained teacher. How to use different voice techniques, how to maintain your voice and respiratory health, how to sing in different genres – these are all things that an experienced teacher can teach you.

Take dance lessons
It is not enough to simply know how to sing. If you want to make it onstage as a pop singer, you also need to know a bit of dancing. While you might not be called on to perform a full-fledged dance in your video or the stage, you will find it useful to know how to shake a few steps and to move gracefully. A few pop singing lessons will include both voice and dance training and help you do better overall.

Enter talent contests
These days, there are talent contests everywhere, and pop singing has a lot of avenues you can explore to give you an opening into the field. You might not make it to the reality shows on TV, though that would be fantastic. But there are so many other contests that take place, which will give you some much-needed experience. It might also get you noticed by someone working in the industry, and that would be a surefire way for you to get in.

Check out recording studios
Contact recording and demo studios in your area and see if they are willing to help you with creating a demo CD that you can then forward to agents or talent scouts. You would not have to write your own song for a demo. This will help with getting you a more professional presentation with the help of people who already know what works and would be able to guide you, if required. At this stage, ensure that your demo CD also gives credit to the recording artistes.

Create a YouTube channel
Nowadays, it is easy to reach a wide audience without depending on other people. By creating a YouTube channel, you will be able to instantly gain an audience. Upload videos of your singing, making sure you stick to your genre. It would be advisable to sing popular songs in order to get a following and then you can gradually switch over to writing your own lyrics and creating your own music, which is the real goal.

Take up jobs
Take up singing jobs just so you can get heard by people. Seek out the local jobs in your community. Inform the pubs, entertainment locations and other places which might be seeking musicians. Offer to help out friends at parties. The idea is to get noticed by as wide an audience as possible.

It is not easy to get into pop singing because of the fierce competition, but if you are dedicated enough, there is always a way to do it. With the help and advice of your Singapore pop singing teacher, you could enjoy a singing career.