Getting Ready For Your Flute Classes

The flute is a very popular instrument choice in a band because a lot of music genre utilizes the flute, and so even a beginner has a lot of opportunities to play either in bands, jazz ensemble, or even on orchestra groups. But before you start on your flute classes, it is important that you pick your very first flute appropriately. There are numerous choices in terms of types, make, and price, and it can be a bit overwhelming. To help you make that choice, we’ve listed several suggestions below.


  1. Cheap flutes are bad flutes

Because of the popularity of flute, a lot of places have started carrying them in their shops. Flutes are now being sold even in places not considered as music shops, like supermarkets, malls, and even online. Most of them offer the instrument at surprisingly low prices. What they do not tell you is that the quality of their flute is very poor. They do not even have resident experts or experienced flautist that can give you sound advice on what to buy.

These low-priced flutes usually prove to be tough to play, often producing sounds that are not pleasing. This may wrongfully lead you to think that you cannot produce a decent note out of it, but the real culprit is your low-cost flute.

Get on the right track and go to a respectable music shop, or even better to a dedicated flute shop. You will get your money’s worth, and you’ll even get expert advices.


  1. Choose simple

When you walk into a reputable music shop you will learn that there is more to the flute than meets the eye. The specifications and variety of different types of flute may overwhelm you.

As a beginner, go for the basic flute specifications: straight head joint, C foot joint, detachable extensions, plays down to D, weighs around 240-250 grams. Again, decent shops will have resident experts that can guide you with these. These terminologies may seem confusing for you now, but once you are deep into your flute classes you will understand the meaning of these words.


  1. The size is right

You should have enough arm length to reach the keys, otherwise you cannot play the notes properly and you will easily tire and get head and neck strain. If for some reason the length of the flute is a problem for you, you should go for the curved head joint, which is a little bit shorter than the standard, but still sound as good.


  1. Bring in an expert

Most shops are more concerned about selling to you than actually giving you sound and practical advice on what to buy. They are there to make a profit first and foremost. That is why if you are a beginner and this is your first flute, it is good advice to bring along an advanced flautist who can give you practical and unbiased guidance on what to buy.

Do not rely on your own knowledge, or information you retrieved from the Internet. The actual feel of the instrument is very important, and the expert can tell you if it feels right. More importantly, they can test it out for you.


Hopefully, these pointers will enable you in your decision on what flute to buy for your flute classes. Singapore will be able you a fine plethora of classes to choose from. And with a good choice and good use, you can expect many years of delight and satisfaction with your flute.