Advantages of Drum Lessons at School vs. Home


Drums are really one of the most popular instruments around the world, as well as one of the oldest. You can learn drums from different sources, but in the end, everyone requires a good teacher to progress further and learn the correct techniques. If you are seriously considering an option between learning in a school and taking private drum lessons, check out the following advantages of both options before making a decision.

Learning at school

  • You will usually be provided with a soundproof studio which will not disturb the neighbours. If your neighbours are not musical, and sometimes even if they are, they might not want to hear you beating away on your drum at all hours. Then, there is always the problem of the very young and very old complaining about it. If you take classes at school, there is no such problem. In many institutes, you can even practice after class for a while, taking care of your problem.
  • By joining a music academy, you will save money on buying your own equipment, especially if your school offers practice rooms. Even if you prefer to buy your equipment in order to practise at home, you will still be saving money on accessories, music sheets and other materials that the school usually provides.
  • A reputed music school will ensure that their drum teachers are certified and it will not be your responsibility to ascertain that your teacher is qualified enough to teach drums. Since this is a major concern for most music students, it can come as a huge relief to have it taken care of by a trusted organisation.
  • Drums are an instrument that can take up a lot of space, depending on the type of music you want to play. If you are living in a small flat, you might not have the space for setting up your instruments. Joining a music academy solves this problem for you.

Learning at home

  • You don’t really have to leave home in order to learn the drums and you can do other things immediately before and after lessons. You can stay within your own comfortable home or room and enjoy the lesson in complete privacy without other students looking on. If privacy is important to you for enhancing your learning, choosing home lessons makes a lot of sense.
  • An obvious advantage of learning drums from the comfort of your home is that you avoid travelling. It is not always hectic or tiring, but for those who travel to work or school or college every day, it’s a big deal to be able to skip this and still get the musical education they desire.
  • If you are one of those who need to proceed at your own pace, then private lessons are the best option for you. You can set your own goals and deadlines and pursue your learning according to your comfort. You don’t need to consider other students and worry about catching up with others.

For students, the priority is to ensure that they receive good drum tutorials. Singapore has many places that offer both private lessons and lessons through an established music school. Check out your options and find one to suit your comfort.