Advantages and Disadvantages of Saxophone Lessons on Skype


The internet has changed the way we do everything, and this includes learning music. A quick Google search will show that there are hundreds of resources online for helping you learn the saxophone at both beginner and advanced levels. Generally, this does not do away with the need for an actual teacher, but it can enhance your knowledge and there is far more availability of resources than ever before. Saxophone classes through web applications such as Skype and Google Chat are now possible, so let us take a brief look at their pros and cons.


Saves travel time – This is obviously the biggest advantage of learning the saxophone through online sessions. Depending on where you live, it is possible that you might have to drive or travel long distances to get to a teacher. Even if you take private lessons, your teacher spends similar time and energy to get to your place. Imagine not having to lug your heavy instrument around for classes every week!

No geographical restrictions – It is always better to choose a good teacher who lives at some distance than a more conveniently located mediocre teacher living nearby. This can be tiresome in practice and sometimes even impossible. But now, with online lessons, you can choose anyone from all over the world. You can focus on quality without worrying too much about convenience of location or travel.

Recording sessions – When you take lessons on Skype, you have the convenience of having it recorded so you can go through it again and again as many times as you want. You need never forget what you learned in your classes and you will be able to retain the small tips that are often valuable. This is a great facility which is generally not available in face to face sessions.


No opportunity for hand work – In a real time class, the teacher would be constantly alert on how your posture and handwork is developing, a very important aspect, especially for beginners. In a virtual setting, this is not possible as the teacher might miss out on a lot of cues where the student is doing the wrong thing.

No opportunity for duets – Saxophone students can learn a lot from giving recitals and playing duets with other people. This is not possible in a virtual setting and there is almost always some problem with camera lagging which prevents a proper joint performance with other students or the teacher. A student who is taking saxophone classes online will lose out on this opportunity.

Lack of networking – Networking with other saxophone players and music lovers in general can generate huge opportunities for a student. It is usually the teacher who can introduce you to different people who give performances or can help you with different facets of a musical career. So unless you already have a strong network or are member of a local club where you can get the same opportunities, this is a definite problem.

Like everything else, learning saxophone via the web has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to assess the different aspects and analyse your own priorities before choosing one option over the other. In the end, you will be the one who benefits or loses from your decision of taking online saxophone tutorials. Singapore has both real time and virtual teachers, so you can consult them before making a decision.