Read This If You Are A New Flute Teacher

The saying that you can be an engineer via YouTube is not really that far-fetched anymore. There is now a lot of content available online for free that practically everything you need to know, you can download, or watch and learn online. The same applies to the music industry, particularly on instrument lessons, where players are posting tips and tricks faster thank you can download them. If you are a beginning flute teacher, you have to have an advantage over these online contents to succeed in your chosen path.

There are several ways to stay ahead, and in here we provide you a few pointers that can really help you survive despite of these free online contents.


  • Never stop learning

Keep your materials fresh and your flute lessons updated by going for continuous lessons yourself. You can even take advantage of these free online stuffs and learn from them, and mix it in with your own knowledge.

New and better knowledge in any field is always out there, and you cannot and should not teach what you do not know. If you remain stagnant, you will do a disservice to your students, and maybe even teach them bad habits instead.


  • Equip yourself with lots of materials

Invest on audio CDs, video DVDs, books, and lots and lots of music sheets. You never know what you are going to need, or what your students will ask from you. Sure, you might have read one great flute instructional book, or watched an excellent video tutorial by a flute expert, but do not stop there. Include in your collection materials about teaching methods, because there are always newer and better techniques.

You do not have to build your knowledge library in one go. Slowly and carefully make these acquisitions, and before you know it, you have more materials than your students can get their hands on. If budget is tight, your local library be able to help with free materials.


  • Charge small for now

Do not think about charging the right fee for now. Remember, you competition is FREE content online. Start small, maybe $10 – $15 per hour for now. The small fee is a great incentive for new flute students, and once they enroll under your tutelage, the income from them will be steady and sure.

When you already have a year or two of teaching experience, or if you have earned your Bachelor’s degree in music, or have acquired a teaching certification, then maybe you can start to think of increasing your fee.


  • Engage the parents

No matter how good your materials are, or how efficient your teaching methods are, if your student does not practice the flute at home, the progress will be disappointing. This is where you should involve the parents. Give them the responsibility of monitoring and encouraging their children to repeat at home whatever they learned from you for the day.

An effective way to engage them is to have them sit in during your lessons. Have them see the enthusiasm of their children when you are teaching them, so they will know how to excite them to practice. Allow them also to borrow materials from you, whether it be books, DVDs, etc, to use at home.

The actual and personal interaction of flute teachers with their students is what sets them apart from free content on the Internet. Take these pointers with you and watch your flute students succeed!