Which Pop Vocal Teacher Is For You?

So many young people today are into serious singing, whether they are just doing it for personal satisfaction, or they are planning to do it professionally. The most common genre is pop music, so the demand for pop vocal teachers has multiplied greatly. But how do you know which one is for you?


Your vocal teacher should be an inspiration to you, not just a mere coach. They must also share your goal, and must be committed to your vocal development. Here are a few tips on what a good pop vocal teacher should have.


  1. Credentials

A professional singing coach is more than willing to show whatever documents they have that show their qualifications, if you ask them. Do not fret about asking, they are used to it, or should be, if they are true experienced professionals. Get this out of the way as early as you can, preferably on your first meeting.


You might also be better off getting a teacher who has experience performing on a professional setting. Not only will they be able to teach you the techniques of pop music singing, but also instruct you on how to carry yourself in front of an audience.


  1. Methodology

Your teacher’s methods should not be fixed, and not sort of a template for all students. Their approach in teaching should consider and be patterned after your vocal style and what is comfortable for you. The most effective coaching methods are best developed when both teacher and student both give their valuable inputs.


You should also be comfortable telling your coach to slow down, or hasten, the lessons. Keep in mind that you are not there merely to follow instructions, but to learn and be participative in the learning process.


  1. Goal setting

Do not go through the vocal lessons blindly. Your vocal coach should set a goal for you, if you have not set one yourself. Aside from the ultimate goal of perfecting your singing, your teacher should put up milestones for you to achieve, sort of mini-goals. Maybe perfect a certain tone, reach a higher octave on the scale, or just simply improve your breathing. Not only does this make the lessons more challenging, it keeps it from being repetitive and boring.


Not only should there be goal setting, but your progress should also be properly tracked, and preferably documented. This should be regularly discussed to you by your teacher, usually at the end of each session. The succeeding lessons, and maybe even the rest of the course, should consider your progress, and it should be adjusted or modified accordingly.


  1. Up to date

Since you are learning to sing popular and current songs, your teacher should be familiar with pop songs and music of the current generation. Pop music often go through changes in style every few years. It is always good to be on top of, and maybe even be ahead of, the trends in pop songs.


It may seem that singing pop music is simple and uncomplicated, but as with any other music genre, it has its own peculiarities. You may think it is unnecessary for you to get the service of a pop vocal teacher, but learning from a professional is the quicker, better, and more effective way to achieving your dream of being a professional yourself.