Non-Technical Characteristics of a Great Drum teacher

Playing the drums has become an extremely popular musical choice both for adults and the youth today. Whether for personal indulgence or for playing professionally, many are going into formal drumming training. That is why the demand for drum teachers has also grown substantially.


It is relatively easy now to find technically skilled drum instructors, who can dazzle you with their techniques and flair. So how do you make the choice, when it is hard to differentiate one from the other?Music teachers, particularly drumming coaches, nowadays should not only teach, but also inspire and motivate. These traits are even more needed when teaching the youth, where attention span is very short and they have a lot of other distractions.


Technical skills being equal, you must distinguish your coaches by these characteristics:


  1. Organized

Schedules are kept, reminders are always responded to, important things are documented, papers and forms properly filed and tucked away. Being organized projects professionalism, and professionalism means you deliver results. This attribute brings confidence to whatever you do.


And that confidence will rub off on the student, allowing him to learn and perform much better. You will be more productive and learn faster knowing your teacher can quickly provide anything you need for the lessons.


  1. Sociable

Your drum teacher should be approachable and should make you feel always welcome. They should not be intimidating, so you feel comfortable asking them questions, and you will not be hesitant to give them suggestions. A sense of humor helps too.


Being sociable may also extend to your family. Your teacher should be able to communicate to your Mom or Dad about your progress, or how your parents can help you advance in your learning.


  1. Creative

The drumming sessions should always excite you, you should always look forward to it, and it should not bore you. A creative and inventive teacher will make sure you feel this way. They may use diagrams and pictures, videos, maybe even games, to deliver the lesson to you.


  1. Inspiring

If your teacher does not motivate you, then the lessons will seem like a drudge. And that is a sure way for you to lose interest and fail. Your teachers should have several schemes to lift you up, motivate you, and arouse your interest to learn, practice, and experiment on the drums. They should be good at psychologizing their learners and understand how they learn. They should be able to inspire you to reach your best potential.


  1. Well-informed

They do not need to know everything about drumming, but they should be able to find the information you need, and impart them effectively to you. They should also be current and up to date regarding trends and developments not only in drumming, but in the music industry in general.


  1. Committed

They must share your dedication to your craft, and should not be easily discouraged or dissuaded from your goals.


Drumming is extremely methodical, and drum teachers tend to become technical in their teaching. There is nothing wrong with that, but it greatly helps that you also see in them the characteristics mentioned above.