More Than Just Beginners’ Flute Lessons

You have taken beginners’ lessons on flute, and now you are starting to play it well. So what is stopping you from becoming an advanced flute player? In this article, we give you tips for intermediate flute players who have already taken beginners’ flute lessons. Read along, and your flute skills will definitely pick up.


  • Daily practice

Set a daily schedule when you can practice, initially for 20-30 minute sessions at a time. A good pace is to have 5 to 6 sessions a day, taking long relaxing breaks in between each session. With each day, set a goal for yourself on what you want to accomplish with the day’s practice, and commit to that goal.


  • Record your practices

Be your own critic. You are the best judge of how good you hit those notes, or how fluid your transitions are. While you listen to your recording, remember the point when you were playing it so you can capture all the emotions and assess your mistakes and see areas where you can improve. Ask yourself, “Should I do more of that?” “Less of this?” “Can I improve on that bit?” Listen and capture parts where you think you can do better.

  • Listen to flute recordings

One sure way to learn new techniques is by watching and listening to excellent flute players on DVDs. Watch as you listen so you can observe their playing techniques. Do not limit yourself to one type of music, listen to all genres, there are tons of videos online which you can watch for free. Watch and listen with the purpose of picking up methods and skills you can imitate.


  • Watch live performances

Watching videos is great, but seeing live performances is spectacular. There is nothing like feeling the harmonies vibrate on your skin from the artists on stage. You not only get to see and listen to the professional’s music, but you can get to really feel them and their emotions when playing. Remember and use that experience when you practice everyday. Tickets to live concerts can be expensive though, so save up, because it will be worth it.


  • Continue formal lessons

You are not as good as you think you are, so continue improving your craft by taking more flute lessons. Expert flutists are a great source of knowledge and techniques, and allowing yourself to be under their tutelage is going to make your talent soar. Flute playing brings along a lot of personal emotions, so make sure you get an instructor that you feel comfortable with.


These are just a few suggestions to help you progress on flute playing. A lot of professional flutists have sworn by these pointers, and it has brought them great results. Many musicians have fallen into the trap of believing that they know enough, and get stuck at the beginner’s level.


Do not make the same mistake. The knowledge you acquired when you first went for flute lessons are very valuable, and you would just be throwing that investment away to you do not progress in your flute playing. Learn from these tips, and be above the rest!