Advantages of Home Flute Lessons


If you have been learning the flute for a long time already, you might want to prepare for grading. While group lessons are fine for children or for beginners seeking to build a network, those who approach their playing more seriously would find private one-on-one flute classes more useful, especially if you are preparing for a certification or an exam.

Personalised attention

A private teacher will be able to give you personalised attention, which means working on a class schedule that goes into detail and focuses on your strengths and weaknesses. During group lessons, it is possible that the teacher might not realise if you have not mastered some aspect of playing. Unless you are completely incompetent with some piece, they generally tend to move on with the next thing on the agenda. With one-on-one lessons, the teacher will be able to point out all your problems and work on them until you get it perfect. This is essential to improve your skills and prepare for exams.

Focus is on the student

Group lessons concentrate on all the students and keep an average pace. In private tuition, you can be assured that the lessons will progress at your own pace. The teacher will also be able to pinpoint your weaknesses give you sufficient time in order to improve the areas in which you are weak. If you are playing at an advanced level, this is important because an experienced teacher will be able to guide you on your career choices, based on your flute playing style, which might not always be possible in a group setting.


While group lessons can be motivating and it is fun to play with others, solo lessons will ensure that you don’t shirk your responsibilities as far as your flute lessons are concerned. You might get away with not preparing a piece for your group lessons and hide behind the music of the other students, but that is simply not an option with solo lessons. You will have to practice and do your best, putting the onus on you to progress.


If you opt for solo lessons, you can discuss with your teacher about the schedule and fix something suitable. Group lessons will always be fixed on the demands of the majority, and you might not always find the timing suitable. If your work takes you away from home on a regular basis, you can plan out a schedule with your teacher around your trips, so that your progress is not affected. In addition, you can also consider online flute tutorials, conducted through applications such as Skype. While preparing for grading, this is very useful since it is important not to lose touch with your playing.

Combination of group and solo lessons

Even if you are already taking group lessons in order to further your networking in the music world or to gain access to certain openings, taking solo lessons as well can only enhance your learning experience. Even the best student can only improve with one-on-one private lessons with a dedicated teacher as it helps in smoothing out your rough patches.

Different people prefer different ways of learning and what suits someone else best might not suit you at all. Evaluate your needs, your options and consider your goals, then make a decision whether or not to opt for private solo flute teachers.