Advantages of Taking Saxophone Lessons at School


When you think of learning an instrument, you always end up with having to make choices – whether to learn individually or in a group, whether to ask for a teacher to come and teach at home or join professional institute, and so on. Let us see why taking saxophone classes at a music school can be beneficial to you in the long run.

Professionals as teachers

One of the main reasons why going to music school to learn playing the saxophone is a good idea is that most schools are generally very careful in choosing teachers who understand both music as well as how to teach different students. Professional teachers are usually hired in music academies and this helps in lifting up the overall standard of musical education for you. It will be better for you if the saxophone teacher you learn from has experience, accreditation, knowledge and is able to hold your interest in learning.


There are plenty of reasons why studying the saxophone at school can help you remain motivated and induce you to improve. First, having a good teacher is in itself a blessing and these teachers would be trained to help the students remain focused and practice hard by making it fun for them. Second, learning with other students will engender the spirit of competition and will motivate you to perform better than the others. Finally, the concept of having fixed milestones that need to be completed in order to move to the next level will ensure that you work hard to move ahead.


When it comes to resources, learning at a school wins hands down. A music academy will always provide all kinds of resources such as instruments, music sheets, learning aids, and many more things that help the student learn faster and better. If you lack the facilities to undertake saxophone tutorials from a private teacher or at your own home, it is best to join a music school where you will not have to worry about all these things. They will already have the best materials for you to work with.


While you can study privately with a teacher and still prepare for exams, following a set course in a music academy fosters the spirit of studying for an exam properly. Certification is an essential requirement for saxophonists to carve out a career for themselves. Studying in a music academy will help you keep focused on your goals in order to receive this certification and accreditation. It will also look good in your résumé if you have studied from a renowned school and will afford you more recognition in the world of music.

Group lessons

When you learn to play the saxophone in a group environment, you will quickly learn to synchronise your playing to that of the other students. People who have learned on a solo basis often have difficulty playing in groups, but this does not apply to those who learn in a group environment. Apart from this, playing in a group helps you in making friends who are interested in music as well as forming networks, all of which would help you in the long run in your career as a saxophone player.

There are many reasons why you can choose private saxophone lessons, but there are also many reasons why you can choose to study in a music academy. The choice is yours, but it is important to research your options and consider your priorities carefully before making a final choice.