Broadway Singing Lessons for a Broadway Career


Broadway Singing requires you to be very versatile with a number of talents to your credit. Though a Broadway career is often the stuff of dreams, very few people really make it because they neglect one aspect or the other that goes into the making of a good Broadway actor or actress. There are no specific Broadway singing tutorials, so you will have to take a bunch of different classes in order to achieve all the qualifications required.

Take music lessons

This is obviously the beginning and the basis of a Broadway singing career. Broadway is very versatile so training your voice to be capable of different music styles is very important. Voice lessons to training your voice are essential. Even after you land a role, you will have to continue with these lessons, so get into the habit of working on your voice right from the beginning.

Learn an instrument

Having knowledge about an instrument will enhance the odds of your landing a role in Broadway. The piano is the most commonly used instrument in Broadway,             but instruments such as violin, oboe, clarinet, drums and flute are also not unwelcome. Learn whatever you are passionate about and continue training in it. Learn to combine your instrument skills with your voice skills for best effect.

Take dance lessons

Dancing is as important as singing and music to a Broadway singing career. You never know which role will require you to dance a little on stage. Many Broadway shows include a little bit of dancing, so it is good to have basic knowledge of dancing. The most useful forms of dances are tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop.

Train in gymnastics

It is not enough to have musical skills for a long-term career in Broadway. It is also essential to have skills like gymnastics, which can help you get some roles. Apart from this, regularly working out with yoga and aerobics will keep you fit. This also enhances your voice and keeps your body flexible enough to take up new roles with new requirements.

Take acting lessons

Broadway singing is as much about acting as about singing. Broadway demands a degree in acting, so you need to get started on working on your acting at the same time as you start your Broadway singing lessons. Most roles require the main lead to act and act well, so this is actually an essential part of preparing for a Broadway career.

Familiarise yourself with theatre

Without some basic knowledge of theatre, it is almost impossible to get into the world. Broadway singing is a close knit community and only someone who is really passionate about theatre would stand a chance of being admitted to the inner circle. You might start building up your theatrical résumé before you apply for a Broadway role, so you would have some experience to show.


And last, but not the least, network regularly and mingle with the Broadway crowd as much as you can. Attend theatre events and other occasions on a regular basis. Keep in contact with the people you meet there. You never know who might be your ticket for starring in a Broadway role!

In conclusion, Broadway singing teachers are varied in their skills and you need to learn all these skills from different teachers for the best possible results. You need to be versatile and hard working if you want to consider a career in Broadway.