Biggest Myths That Hold You Back From Taking Keyboard Lessons


It is common for parents to encourage their children to learn to play a musical instrument at an early age.  Thus, when someone intends to study an instrument during their adult years, doubts and hesitations start to crawl in.  Some people begin to think they may be a bit too old to take up keyboard lessons.  But did you know that many of these beliefs are just myths?  You may have heard these from others, or may hold on to these misconceptions yourself.


Here some of the most popular myths on keyboard lessons.  You may have heard these ‘voices’ in your head that chain you to such negative beliefs:


  1. “I’m too old” or  “It’s too late”
  1. “I’ll be the oldest student learning to play keyboards” :  Playing music comes from the heart.  Learning is not to be measured from your age number.  Do not let embarrassment keep you from taking beginner keyboard classes.  It is for your own enjoyment, not theirs.
  2. Children learn faster:  The reality that children are more receptive to learn new things is not based on their age.  Learning progress is contingent to the brain’s ability to focus.  Most adults are bogged down by stress, impatience, frustrations, and distractions.  While kids do not hold as much mental clutter. The desire and the focus to learn is parallel to one’s state of mind. Hence, kids absorb more new learning concepts.
  3. You have to start young: Neural stimulation is the key that would unlock your potential to learn keyboards. Your exposure to these stimuli could mark a difference in your musical intelligence. Both children and adults who has had ample exposure to activities like sports, dancing, or the arts both progress well with keyboard lessons.


  1. “I’m too busy to practice”
  1. Busy schedule / Have other priorities: This is the often heard excuse or lament, especially from working adults.  Proper time management is the answer.  You have got to identify and set aside a practice schedule.
  2. Practice is tiring: If you really love playing music, practicing would not feel like a chore. Yes, it demands physically effort, yet you feel the reward and fulfillment from the inside.
  3. “I have to practice long hours without breaks” :  On the contrary, practicing at short intervals work best.  These brief bursts of focused, uninterrupted, and undistracted practice trumps those extended hours, in terms of effectivity.

    3. “I don’t have long and slender fingers”: When it comes to fingers and hand size and shape, long and slender fingers do not get an advantage.  Although, some say that long fingers often get ‘tangled-up’ on the keys. Hence, they have the tendency to commit more mistakes.  Yet this not a proven fact.  You can overcome those genetic ‘obstacles’ with consistent practice on how your fingers could smoothly maneuver its way on the keyboards.



These myths about keyboard lessons have been so ingrained into the culture that people now accept them as truths. Due to this, passions are restrained; dreams are crushed. The so-called late bloomers have consigned themselves to be labeled as ‘frustrated’ pianists or keyboard players.  Don’t let this happen to you.  It’s not too late. Now you know the truth, it’s time to break free.