How to Recruit Good Singing Teachers for Home Lessons


Many students prefer to hire teachers for teaching singing at home. This is especially true of young children whose parents want to keep an eye on their progress in lessons and are willing to pay for the privilege. Students with busy schedules are also interested in home singing classes which would save them traveling time.

But before hiring a teacher whom you can trust to welcome to your home, you need to ensure that they meet some basic qualifications. Though one person cannot possess all the below qualities, it is up to the student to consider which ones are important to them and where they are willing to compromise. Below are some of the things that should be considered before hiring a singing teacher.

  • Choosing a teacher with the required educational qualifications is a good idea. A teacher with a degree in music, singing or voice training would be well versed in different singing techniques themselves and would be able to help the student learn everything. This is considered important by most people since a degree in the specific field is really the first qualification criterion.
  • Even better would be a teacher’s certification in addition to the formal degree. This enables the teacher to relate to students positively and impart their own knowledge by following the different educational methods that are considered successful. The student will also be able to confirm that the teacher applying has the required knowledge to put him or her at ease.
  • Apart from formal certifications, teachers who have experience with dealing with students should be better able to find different ways of teaching if the first method of explanation or demonstration does not work out. A teacher’s training qualification is quite handy to ascertain that the person being hired is cut out to be a teacher and can help the student learn well.
  • When students work with singing teachers who have performing experience, they learn more. They understand the pressure and nuances of giving a performance and will be able to hone the student to deal with the expectations. One needs to be highly qualified as a singer first before becoming a teacher. A teacher without experience will not be able to impart much value to singing lessons.
  • For some students, this is the most important factor when hiring a teacher to give lessons in singing. Busy schedules, unforgiving bosses and attention-seeking children need to be accommodated while sketching out a schedule for some people. Teachers who are willing to work around such problems are a welcome addition.
  • Some teachers are more compatible with children while others are comfortable teaching older students. Some are good with beginners while others only like giving voice lessons to students who are already well versed in the basics. It is important to hire a teacher who is able to work with the student on a one-to-one basis and this can only come with some compatibility between the two.

References are a good way to know if the singing teachers have experience in teaching and how successful they have been in their past ventures. Following up on these references is useful because it enables the student to discuss the nuances of the teacher’s previous experiences and decide whether they can work well together or not.