How Pop Singing Lessons Could Help You Prepare For Singing Contests (Part 2 of 2)


If you were to conduct a survey among a group of professional pop singers, there is a high probability that majority have joined singing contests. Building confidence is one of the best takeaways from a singing contest experience. Pop singing classes are not all about vocal techniques. It also provides you with the proper training how to sing with confidence.

Whether you’re auditioning or in the midst an actual contest, confidence is one of the most crucial factors that would define your performance.  Here are some pointers on how you could psyche yourself-up to get that competitive edge:

  1. Hydrate your throat area.  Have a room-temperature bottled water with you, as you wait your turn.  Contestants often dread the ‘waiting time’.  This is usually the time when ‘nerves’ come and attack.  Anxiety causes your throat to dry –a big ‘no-no’ during singing. Take a sip of water from time to time to keep you hydrated.
  1. Refrain from eating one hour before your performance.  It may leave you feeling bloated.  Or some foods may dry up your throat or may cause stomach upset.  However, do not starve yourself. Do eat right and just enough to sustain and keep those hunger pangs at bay until show time.
  1. No caffeine and carbonated drinks before the show.  Coffee or tea causes throat dryness.  While carbonated drinks will bloat your stomach. And you don’t want to let out an embarrassing burp in the middle of a performance, right?
  1. Dress and carry yourself like star.  Dressing-up with style and individuality for a performance shows professionalism and confidence.  Not over the top fashion and attitude.  A true-to-yourself sense of style would bring out the star within you.
  1. Stick to the contest piece that you practiced during your pop singing classes.A last minute song change could possibly ruin your chance of rendering your best performance.
  1. Just in case, come prepared with 1 or 2 more pieces.  You can never tell how a live contest show would turn out. Or if judges would want to hear and find out more of what you’re capable of.  Show them you’re not a one-trick pony.
  1. Make eye contact.  A lot of contestants fall into the bad habit of singing with their eyes closed.  You are not singing to yourself. You sing to connect, communicate, and tell your audience a story.
  1. Don’t get paralyzed when you make a mistake. Just keep singing.  Shrug it off. Redeem yourself and ‘wow’ them with the rest of the song.  Who knows, they may not have noticed it after all.  Sometimes, judges and audiences forgive such hiccups.  It may show your vulnerability, sincerity of emotions, and maturity as a performer.
  1. Enjoy the moment.  Savor the attention and the spotlight.  This could give you a confidence boost and calm your nerves.

Investing time and effort to practice for a contest is must.   It may be hours, days, weeks, months, or even years of training with pop singing teachers, prior to the competition.  Yet it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.  You still have to be on your toes and do some prep-ups just a few ticks away before and during the competition.