Opera Singing Lessons’ Tips to Prepare You for Auditions

You’ve always dreamed of becoming an opera singer.  You feel this is your calling.  You are determined to make this your destiny.  Yet you know that this never comes easy.  You spent years taking opera singing lessons to prepare you for this — the auditions.  Before any other opera star got his/her moment to shine, they had to go through the dreaded auditions.

Singing per se is not enough.  Here are some tips on how to prepare for an opera audition:

  1. Song Choice.  Your song choice should be suited for your age. More importantly, consider the role you are auditioning for.  Your song should be able to convey the emotion that is very close to the character’s temperament.


  1. Sing from the heart.  You’ve heard this a million times on TV reality singing shows. Judges will always look for your connection to the song, how you deliver, and how the audience responds to it.


  1. Sing and speak the language.  Most opera songs are written in a foreign language.  You’ve got to sing it as if you were speaking the words.  Go the extra mile of learning the correct way of enunciating the words.


  1. Easy on the gestures.  Body language is part and parcel of a performance.  Gestures may stress on the expression of emotions.  It can accentuate the attribute of the character.  But these movements should be an extension of what needs to be expressed from within.  Thus, don’t overdo it.  Use it where it is essential.  Be natural.


  1. Research and study voraciously.  It’s true, your opera singing lessons have prepared you for battle.  Yet, think of the war.  Opera is a culture, a lifestyle in itself.  Read poetry and savor the rhythm of its language.  Look at paintings that depict settings similar to the plots of an opera.  Watch foreign films.  Taste the romance of French and Italian languages.  Let it roll on your mouth and tongue.


  1. Find mentors.  Your opera teacher has definitely taught you a lot.  However, it pays to expand your horizons and learn from others as well.  Seek mentors for various aspects of your performance.  Someone can be your language, acting, or dancing coach.  Or someone could be your style and image guru.   All these learnings could greatly contribute not only to your audition, but to your long-term career journey as well.


  1. Be inspired by role models.  For sure, you have your share of opera heroes.  The person or even character that makes you say and sigh, “someday I’m going to be like her / him”.  Their own journeys and learnings on the way to the top can provide you the motivation and the inspiration to keep pushing forward.


  1. Rest your mind, body, and voice.  You are a hard worker.  You push your limits, but your body, mind, and especially your voice can only take so much.  Give it time to rest, recharge, and heal. Pamper it from time to time. It is your instrument. Give it some TLC.


Failing an audition is not the end of the road. If there’s one thing that you learn from opera singing lessons, it is resilience. Yes, you have it in you to move forward and say ‘next!’.