A Survival Guide to Classical Singing Lessons

So you think you got what it takes to make it to the world of classical music?  You’ve got the voice, the talent, and the passion. You have the dream.  You believe in your vision to achieve.  But will you survive?  Taking classical singing lessons is definitely a significant step.  It will arm you with various survival skills. Yes,  there a lot of bloodthirsty hopefuls out there as well.  They’re willing to work as hard as you do.  Their dreams are as big as yours.  And yes, they have the same struggles as you do.

So how can you make the most out of your classical singing lessons to give you a competitive edge?  Here are some great survival tips:


  1. Sing daily. Sing every single day. ‘Singing is my life’ is not merely a figure of speech.  For a classical singer, it is a part of almost all of their breathing and waking hours. Who knows, they might still be singing in their sleep.  The act of daily and even long hours of practice is a big component of your progress and success.


  1. Get a teacher. You may be born with immense talent.  You may have been singing classical songs as soon as you got out of your mother’s belly.  However, without proper training and motivation from a teacher you might be led astray or pick-up wrong habits.  Classical singing teachers are backed-up by years of experience. Enrich your talent with discipline, motivation, and inspiration.  It really pays to listen and learn from a teacher.


  1. Practice singing without a microphone.  Classical singing requires vocal strength and power.  Classical singers usually sing in theatre or concert halls.  You have to train your vocal muscles and cords to project your voice clearly over large spaces.


  1. Look good and presentable.  We have often heard the expression ‘a total package’ when industry professionals describe a performer.  Subtly, they are saying that looks do matter in the business.  This also holds true in the classical music industry.  So might as well go with the flow.  The fat lady who sings no longer a stereotype for classical singers.   Make an effort to make yourself look good.  Wow them from inside and out.


  1. Avoid competitions.  Singing competitions are now sprouting like mushrooms.  Some say this is an easy way to achieve fame and fortune.  There are several pros and cons to joining a competition, especially those on TV.  With the rise of social media, opinions and comparisons circulate around cyberspace very quickly.  If you are still a budding classical singer, the social media banter may be detrimental on your progress.  Before entering a competition, build your identity, solidify your confidence and maturity.
  2. Enjoy and love singing.  Here’s an inspirational quote about how your love for singing could take your progress in leaps and bounds. Art critic, social thinker and philanthropist John Ruskins says: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”


Classical singing lessons will arm you with techniques to survive.  More importantly it will nurture your seeds of love for singing.  Live it, love it, and the world will see and love you for it.