How To Take Your Flute Lessons To The Next Level

Many students will reach the point at some time during their learning when they decide that they are ready to put in a little extra time and effort in order to take their flute lessons to the next level. It’s really important that you make the most of your lessons and practice in order to truly progress and develop as a flautist. Let’s have a look at the ways that you, as a student, can take your flute playing up a notch.

Maximize teacher-student contact time

This is a no brainer really; the more time you spend learning with your teacher, the faster and better you will improve. If you currently have half an hour lessons once a week, why not ask that you extend it to an hour? Or, maybe, request an additional half hour session later in the week.

It’s also a great idea to discuss with your teacher ways in which you can get more involved with the structure and direction of your flute lessons. The more invested you become in your learning, the more likely you are to make the most of your lessons and practice.

Practice makes perfect

Consistent practice is absolutely key to progressing as a flautist – you should be aiming to do a little practice every day, even if you just grab a spare 10 minutes to go over a couple of pieces or arpeggios. The secret to effective practice is quality over quantity; there’s no point in committing yourself to 90 minutes of flute practice as you will lose focus, become frustrated and will be much less likely to pick up your flute tomorrow and start over.

To keep your interest, why not mix up your practice a bit? If you normally practice only at home, perhaps aim to take some time out of your lunchtime and use the practice rooms at school or college. You’ll find that the change of scenery will do wonders for your playing and may even inspire you!

Extra-curricular activities

While we’re on the subject of inspiration, you should be looking at seizing as many opportunities as possible to learn from other musicians and to spread your wings as a flautist. Many school, colleges and workplaces will have an in-house orchestra which will meet once a week for practice and will hold periodical recitals and performances – join! You will find that your technique and skills are honed immediately as you learn to listen to and play with other musicians. These newfound skills can be transposed to your lessons and will show your teacher how you’re ‘upping your game’!

Enrolling in grade examinations or signing yourself up to perform at a school recital will also see your flute playing improve. Targets such as these events will inevitably provide a new focus for your lessons which you and your teacher can work towards.

There are plenty of ways to take your flute lessons to the next level in order to improve your technique and gain new skills. Discuss with your teacher how you can become more invested in your learning and don’t forget to practice!