Keyboard Lessons For Advanced Players

When one thinks of taking up music lessons, it is natural to think that they are only for beginner or intermediate abilities rather than for students who are already well-versed and talented musicians. Advanced students, however, can still expect to get a great deal out of their keyboard lessons – many musicians have weaknesses they would like to work on or performance aspects they can improve. Let’s see how lessons can be beneficial to advanced players.

It is imperative that as an advanced keyboard player, you make sure to choose your teacher carefully. At this level, they should be incredibly skilled, a great coach and in possession of some good contacts that will help you in your journey through the industry.


Often, when you’re playing keyboard at an advanced level, you don’t necessarily need as much drilling in the technical side as a junior player would require, but instead look to your teacher as a source of inspiration. It is easy to get stuck in a rut with your playing at any level; if you are still attending lessons you are in the unique position of being able to ask your teacher for new styles of music to try or innovative ideas to bring an additional dimension to your playing. If your teacher is well connected, they may be able to hook you up with a group or a performance which you could work towards together. It is much harder finding performance opportunities if you don’t have a teacher to assist you.


Having keyboard lessons at an advanced level is a great idea for musicians who are preparing for something like an exam or even for an audition into Music College. Your teacher will be able to point you in the direction of various things you should be looking to improve on and provide a much needed second set of eyes (and ears!) on your playing which you wouldn’t have the benefit of without lessons. They will be able to coach you to overcome any weaknesses you may have in your musical arsenal and even improve on your strengths and reach new levels of quality playing.

A two-handed relationship

As an advanced keyboard player, you will naturally have much more of an equal relationship with your teacher as opposed to beginner players who will require a lot more direction and hand-holding during their lessons. You will be able to work with your teacher to determine what is the right path for you in your player and will be on much more of a level playing field when it comes to suggesting new music and developing new skills. As a consequence, your confidence in your ability as a keyboard player will continue to grow and thrive during your lessons.

Keyboard lessons for advanced players are a great idea and you should not be put off thinking that just beginner players need lessons. You will be inspired by your teacher, your confidence and technical skills will increase and you will be able to prepare effectively for any performances, exams or auditions you have.