The Ten Commandments of Pop Singing Lessons to Prevent Vocal Damage

Pop singers could possibly be one of the busiest people on earth.  Their voices take so much beating from the backbreaking pace of rehearsals, tours, and performances.   Yet the main culprits that cause vocal breakdown are bad lifestyle habits and improper singing techniques.  Pop singing lessons are essential for aspiring singers.  It could steer you toward the right directions.

Your voice is your main instrument.  Once damaged, it is irreplaceable.  It is not something that you could buy from a music store.  Caring and protecting your voice require you to follow certain rules.  Here are ‘10 Commandments’ to keep your voice safe and sound:

  • Thou shalt not get into the habit of clearing your throat or coughing all the time.  Doing so habitually could cause bumps and scratches on your vocal chords.  If you feel the urge for an ‘ahem’, swallow slowly and take a sip of water instead.
  • Thou shalt not yell or scream. Excitement and sudden burst of emotions in concerts or sporting events could make you shout at the top of your lungs.  The release could be great but could give you vocal strain or laryngitis.
  • Thou shalt not sing at a pitch too high beyond your vocal range.  Pop or rock songs often have soaring tones.  Ask for guidance and correct vocal exercises from a pop singing teacher who could gradually help you reach those notes .  It is good to push your limits at times, but do it with the proper technique.
  • Thou shalt not take antihistamines before singing. Some medications like antihistamines could cause dryness in the throat area. Taking a glass of water could keep your allergies at bay for the moment and hydrate your throat.
  • Thou shalt not drink coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate and dairy drinks.  These are main causes of dryness and mucus around your throat.
  • Remember to get plenty of rest when you have colds or laryngitis.  Give your body the chance to recuperate.  Your voice is prone to get permanently damaged when it is in a vulnerable situation.
  • Thou shalt not put stress on your jaw while singing. Keep calm while singing.  Putting your jaw on a tight clench could cause vocal nodes and laryngitis.
  • Thou shalt not smoke.  Smoking and singing should not mix.  It damages every part in your body essential for singing — your vocal cords, throat, and lungs.
  • Thou shalt not sleep with fan or air condition air directly blowing into your face. This also causes throat dryness, making your voice scratchy.
  • Get a full 8-hour sleep at night.  Your overall body resistance could take a toll due to sleep deprivation. It makes you prone to catching viruses and infection.  Also, lack of sleep could make your voice sound hoarse.

You could avoid the deadly sins that could ruin your voice by keeping these tips in voice lessons a heavenly experience.

Taking care of your voice is not only good practice but also healthy and wise. You will not only have an investment on which you can source your material needs you will also have a future free from vocal illness and injury. When taking voice lessons, be sure to listen to what your teacher has to say about home remedies to sore throats. There is always the possibility that you would injure yourself when practicing continuously with your singing. It is important to know the do’s and don’ts when taking voice lessons so you can avoid damaging your vocal cords and your opportunity for a successful music career in pop singing. So enrol now and start a new and exciting adventure.